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Serving the town of Bodrum & Milas is the Bodrum Airport, an important airport that is the hub of many international and domestic flights. The cities are attractive tourist sites that are an integral part of Turkey’s tourism. Not only are the cities ethereal beauties but these also open up the Turkish culture for the world to see. 

Another such cultural delight for tourists is Marmaris – İçmeler in Istanbul. The towns are known around the world for the scenic beauty they offer. You will find your senses heightened in Icmeler surrounded by trekking mountains and water on aside. The port city of Marmaris opens a world of wonder with its water activities and its beauty. It is also known for people that open up to tourists seeking a peek into the diverse culture that resides in the food, the literature and architecture tucked away in the stores and houses. One can avail an easy transfer from Bodrum Airport to Marmaris – Icmeler at the airport itself, making transport easier for tourists. 

About Bodrum Airport

The Bodrum airport is of service to the town of Milas at 16KMs and the town of Bodrum at 36 KMs. The airport has 2 terminals, where the old terminal serves as domestic while the newly built terminal completed in 2000 is for international use. These terminals are only a short 15-minute walk 1KM away from one another. The airport’s architecture is inclusive and has various amenities such as banks, food courts, medicals and many more. 

To ease the process of currency change, there is an Automated Teller Machine. The airport can host around 2.5 million passengers yearly. The airport has all the basic amenities of a general airport along with a proper staff and service team on work to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Transfer options from Bodrum Airport

As soon as you arrive at any destination, you are looking for ways to get going to start your tour. It is exciting to wish to begin this journey! On arriving here, the first thing you look for is ways of getting from Bodrum airport to Marmaris – Icmeler. Finding a comfortable ride might be the key to a pleasing experience on your tour. Due to the distance of the airport from the towns and many other key locations, transfer options become a necessity. Right outside the airport, there are lines from Bodrum Airport to Marmaris – Icmeler transports to choose from. There are various booking stations available for private or yellow taxis that are a comfortable ride. There are also buses and shuttles to choose from in case of a trip on a tight budget.

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Bodrum Airport to Marmaris – Icmeler by taxi

It becomes so difficult to enjoy anything if there are hiccups all along the way. When planning for a long ride covering Bodrum airport to Marmaris – Icmeler distance of 130.1 KM and 8 KM distance between the two towns, it is necessary to pick a ride that is comfortable and flexible as well. In choosing a yellow taxi, you get these options right at your feet. You only need to hail a yellow taxi from the airport, request your destination and be on your way. It is up to you to choose your halts or detours by communicating with the driver. The fixed taxi rate is 0.51 Euros while the cost per kilometre is 0.44Euros. The total fare can go around 75 Euros.

But a huge problem in the case of yellow taxis is the unstable state of their fares. Bodrum airport to Marmaris – Icmeler by taxi transfer works on a meter that runs around the clock taking into account all the halts and rest stops which can lead to an unfair price. This can be a troubling thing for passengers as it leads to uncertainty for a lot of budget plans. 

You can skip all these errors in your way and come directly to Fat taxi. Fat taxi is a private taxi service that not only understands your need but also creates a trusting relationship with the client. We promise to practice total transparency with our clients. You get the option to pre-book our taxis online, where on the confirmation, you receive a bill that indicates all your charges. You are appointed with a driver who guarantees being there at the time of your arrival. With Fat Taxi, worries are nowhere to be seen!

Comparison of the options

Price for  
Taxi3045 min24/7 
Fat Taxi3045 min24/7  Book
Metro245 min24/7 
Bus145 min24/7 

Tips on taking a taxi from Milas-Bodrum Airport to Marmaris-Icmeler


  • Only use a registered taxi from the airport cabstand
  • Agree on which route you’ll be taking before you start your journey
  • Take a quick note or photo of your taxi’s plate number, in case you need it later on

Bodrum Airport to Marmaris – Icmeler by Bus

Sometimes what we need out of our transport is to be pocket friendly! And what can be more appropriate than a public or private bus that is popular only for how easy it is on our budget. You will find that there are buses parked outside the airport that wait to be filled up by passengers and then leave. These buses are known to take the long route out of one town to another and cover all crucial drop-off and pick up points. 

There is little to no privacy from Bodrum airport to Marmaris – Icmeler by Bus, as you travel with many fellow tourists. Here, your luggage is your responsibility – from loading to unloading and keeping it safe from being lost. The longer route and waiting for passengers to fill up can take a lot of time of your planned schedule but this can be also perceived as an adventure where you meet new people and get glimpses of the city on the road. 

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Bodrum airport to Marmaris – Icmeler by metro

Currently, the government of Turkey holds no plans of connecting a metro line that goes from the airport to Marmaris – Icmeler. There are no development plans of any stations connecting the two junctions while there is another way to travel in a non-expensive way which is the train service. But this can be a tedious journey with changing between trains and taxis along the way. Bodrum airport to Marmaris – Icmeler by metro is still nowhere in the sights of the government.

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Frequently asked questions on Milas-Bodrum Airport transfer to Kusadasi

How far is Bodrum Airport from Marmaris - Icmeler?

The Bodrum airport sits at a distance of 130.1 KM that amounts to a 1 hour 44 minutes journey. This time might increase or decrease based upon the choice of your transport.

How many transportation options are available from Bodrum airport to Marmaris - Icmeler?

There are various options to choose from in the case of Bodrum Airport to Marmaris - Icmeler transport. There are yellow taxis, private taxis, buses and shuttles available for tourists to choose from.

How much is a taxi likely to cost from Bodrum airport to the Marmaris - Icmeler?

Taxi fare can come out to be a little higher than any other transport i.e. 75 Euros. It is a bit more comfortable, ensures flexibility and the security of your luggage. These taxis run on a meter or can come with a fixed bill in the case of private taxis.

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