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The Bodrum Airport sits at a distance of 36KM from the city of Bodrum and 16KM from the city of Milas in Turkey. The airport is home to the biggest domestic and international flights that carry passengers into these magnificent cities. The beauty of Bodrum as the summer season approaches calls out to tourists all over the world seeking pleasure on a sunny, beachside. Milas is home to some landmark sites in the history of Turkey. This rich blend of culture is accessed by Bodrum Airport. 

It also becomes a gateway to access other sites of the country like Kusadasi. The resort town is known around the world for its architectural beauty. It has long sandy beaches spread by tourists. It can be accessed by transfers from Bodrum Airport to Kusadasi.

About Bodrum Airport

Serving the city of Bodrum and Milas, the Bodrum airport is a haven for many tourists coming from around the world into the welcoming cities. The airport boasts of hosting two separate terminals for all its domestic and international flights. It is a rich centre for tourists to lay upon as it furnishes some of the best amenities to make the time spent here enjoyable or easy. There are banks, ATMs, a large dining space, food stalls and other recreational spaces. To ease any changes, there is a currency exchange system in the airport itself. There is also Bodrum airport to Kusadasi transports available at the exit.

Transfer options from Bodrum Airport

What truly becomes the start of your journey is getting into the first ride that will give you a tiny tour of your destination. It becomes necessary to make sure that in this ride, you have the comfort you need to travel anywhere. Transport is the hidden reason for a lot of your fun. The Bodrum airport to Kusadasi distance is 120 KMs which will take up at least 1 hour 40 minutes of your time in Turkey. Isn’t it best to spend this time in transport that keeps your security first!

As you step out of Bodrum Airport, you will find rows of vehicles available as your transport. Yellow taxis are waiting for their next ride. You can find taxi service stations to book a taxi or find your pre-booked taxi here. Some shuttles and buses accommodate 47- 52 passengers at once. Whether the comfort of the budget is queen for you, you will always have options.

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Why us

Room for everyone

Our standard minivan will hold up to 8 adults as well as 4 large suitcases and 4 carry-ons.

Bottled water

All our vehicles come with free bottled water for each passenger when possible.

Onboard WiFi

Need to be online while you’re on the move? You can work, surf, and check your email via our free Wi-Fi.

Child seats

Free child and booster seats can be arranged upon request. Please contact us prior to your journey.

Bodrum Airport to Kusadasi by taxi

When you picture your trip in your head, you can see yourself on a comfortable ride with your friends and family. You take halts at the most scenic views, have snacks at small centres and capture all this in your memory. Today when everyone is in a rush, do you wonder where can you find a ride that lets you salvage every moment? Well, Bodrum Airport to Kusadasi by taxi is the right choice for you.

Take one of the yellow taxis at the airport that lets you decide your halts and plan any rest stops that you need any time. The base price is 0.51 Euros while the kilometres fare is 0.44 Euros. The fare can be calculated under 70 Euros. You only have to communicate this to your driver and your wish is his/her command. But it isn’t as simple as that. Sometimes, choosing the yellow taxi can be an issue as these run on a meter. Any rerouting or halting can lead to a sudden surge in the fare. If you are sticking to a planned budget, the yellow taxi is not for you. 

But if you are still looking for comfort, Fat taxi is all you need! Our private taxi service is proud to say that we practice a system where the client is god. It is our priority to create trips as per your request on your booking. We practice total transparency where our clients are accounted for every single penny spent by them. On booking, you will receive a detailed bill that has the final amount and all small sums in it. These fares will not change once the route is decided by you in the booking. Fat Taxi is a premium quality private taxi service that acknowledges the dream of a perfect ride!

Comparison of the options

Price for  
Taxi3045 min24/7 
Fat Taxi3045 min24/7  Book
Metro245 min24/7 
Bus145 min24/7 

Tips on taking a taxi from Milas-Bodrum Airport to Kusadasi


  • Only use a registered taxi from the airport cabstand
  • Agree on which route you’ll be taking before you start your journey
  • Take a quick note or photo of your taxi’s plate number, in case you need it later on

Bodrum Airport to Kusadasi by buses

Anytime you are travelling with a plan that needs to be obedient to the budget, buses are your go-to transport. Travelling from Bodrum Airport to Kusadasi by bus is one of the most affordable choices that are quite comfortable for the price they charge. It is understandable to choose buses as you have to travel a longer distance that might cost a lot in any other transport. 

Buses take up a route that covers the maximum number of the key hotels and stops to pick up and drop off passengers en route. This will increase the time that you spend on the bus by a lot. You also have little privacy on the bus as you have fellow travellers with you. You have to be vigilant of your luggage as there are chances of misplacing or losing your belongings in the crowd.

You can find these buses outside the airport in their own reserved parking area. You can choose between an A/C and a NON A/C bus as for longer distance things can get uncomfortable. Choosing to ride in a bus itself is a little adventure as you are not just blindly going to one spot but riding along with fellow travellers to many places that fall on your way.

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Bodrum airport to Kusadasi by metro

Travelling from Bodrum Airport to Kusadasi by Metro is a choice that still hasn’t been made available to the public. No work has begun on the governmental front to establish a plan that will connect the Bodrum airport to Kusadasi by metro lines. There are other means of communication which can include a train service which will require constant changing of trains and taxis.

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Frequently asked questions on Milas-Bodrum Airport transfer to Kusadasi

How far is Bodrum Airport from Kusadasi?

You will have to cover 120 KMs to get from Bodrum Airport to the Kusadasi. This will take around 1 hour 40 minutes. Your choice of transport and route might add or take away from this time.

How many transportation options are available from Bodrum airport to the Kusadasi?

The choice of the right transportation is key to getting the full experience of a trip. Bodrum airport offers various options for you to make the right choice. There are yellow taxis, private taxis, buses and airport shuttles to choose from.

How much is a taxi likely to cost from Bodrum airport to the Kusadasi?

Taxis are a very comfortable and private choice to travel to the city. These are very secure. The fare can be calculated to be under 70 Euros.

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