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The Bodrum Airport is a gateway to the two splendid cities of Milas and Bodrum. These cities are precious jewels in the crown of Turkish tourism that have been a great contributor to the economy. The town of Bodrum is also a port Gumbet where the greatest attractions are in the waves of the sea. The Gumbet is rushed with tourists that seek to spend lazy summers on the beachside resting with all their worries away. The district of Gumbet is a sight to behold with the cultural gems embedded in them. You are welcomed with open arms and can either choose to enjoy the luxury of the beachside or the yachts or have a shopping day in the bazaar that is abuzz with tourists. All you need to do on your arrival is to find a suitable transfer from Bodrum airport to the Gumbet.

About Bodrum Airport

As tourism in Turkey gained popularity, the Bodrum Airport became a common name among tourists. The airport is the main link between the world and the two cities of Bodrum & Milas. With the final addition of a new terminal for international flights in 2000, the airport proudly hosts domestic and international flights on two separate terminals. These terminals are only a small distance apart making it easy commuting between them. The is constantly developing and creating excellent amenities for its 2.5 million passengers per year. Anyone visiting the airport can find a comfortable resting area, a food court, a bank to make any transaction and a simple currency change machine as well. The Bodrum Airport to Gumbet transport makes the overall airport experience even better!

Transfer options from Bodrum Airport

What is your journey if you don’t get to move around? It is in this experience of visiting new places that your tour becomes memorable. Transport becomes a crucial element of any plan that you have. This is why it is so necessary to pick a ride that not only gives you comfort but also gives you the time to savour every sight. As soon as you exit Bodrum Airport, you get a long array of vehicles to choose from. You get a range of comfortable to pocket-friendly Bodrum Airport to Gumbet transports. These transfers make it an easy choice to cover the Bodrum airport to Gumbet distance of 38.6 KM which will only take you all of 40 minutes. 

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Why us

Room for everyone

Our standard minivan will hold up to 8 adults as well as 4 large suitcases and 4 carry-ons.

Bottled water

All our vehicles come with free bottled water for each passenger when possible.

Onboard WiFi

Need to be online while you’re on the move? You can work, surf, and check your email via our free Wi-Fi.

Child seats

Free child and booster seats can be arranged upon request. Please contact us prior to your journey.

Bodrum Airport to Gumbet by taxi

Unlike any transport you find, Bodrum airport to Gumbet by taxi is the best one when it comes to having an easy and happening trip. Taxis take away all the worst bits from any other transport and only keep the best ones for you. You can easily find a yellow taxi and driver waiting for its next client at the airport. They will book you quickly and take you to your final destination. You can plan all your lunch and rest breaks as per your wish. There is no rush by other passengers to run by their time. The basic cost of a taxi is 0.51 Euros while the kilometre cost is 0.44 Euros. The trip will cost you around 25 Euros.

Sadly, with all the good comes a little bad as well. The yellow taxis run on a meter. It is constantly taking into account any halts, breaks or rerouting and constantly increasing the price. This will cause a dent in your pocket if these irregular raises in price keep ongoing. There is also the risk of frauds as the driver is working with no manager overhead. 

But if you are looking for a true, comfortable taxi experience, you have it all with Fat Taxi! Our team at Fat taxi takes pride in creating and servicing you with a trip that will always be memorable. We practice a transparent system with our clients where the confirmation of a booking comes with a bill that accounts for your hard-earned money. There is nothing to hide when it comes to our clients! Any booking on our website is straight and direct, with a driver appointed to you at the very moment of confirmation. These are experienced drivers that have excellent records with clients. It is our pleasure to create a ride that is all that you asked for and much more!

Comparison of the options

Price for  
Taxi3045 min24/7 
Fat Taxi3045 min24/7  Book
Metro245 min24/7 
Bus145 min24/7 

Tips on taking a taxi from Milas-Bodrum Airport to Gumbet


  • Only use a registered taxi from the airport cabstand
  • Agree on which route you’ll be taking before you start your journey
  • Take a quick note or photo of your taxi’s plate number, in case you need it later on


Bodrum Airport to the Gumbet by bus

Whenever you are planning a trip that needs you to stick to the budget to be a success, know that public transportation is your friend! Travelling from Bodrum airport to Gumbet by bus is easily the most pocket-friendly way of commuting. At a little distance from the airport, you will find rows of public and private buses that are waiting to fill up and start the journey. The buses take a long route covering any points of drop off and pick up. A one-way journey to the Gumbet will cost you 1.8 – 2.5 Euros. 

Sometimes, the time of your journey increases because of the number of passengers getting up on the bus or getting down. You are solely responsible for your luggage and the service provider takes no responsibility for it. You need to be safe and secure as you will be travelling with many other passengers. Other than that, this will be an adventure where you get a brief encounter with all the hot spots on your way. 

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Bodrum Airport to the Gumbet by metro

In a developing Gumbet like Bodrum, the availability of metro is still questionable. The government hasn’t yet laid out any plans regarding the connection from Bodrum airport to Gumbet by metro. There are also no metro lines that go through the airport to any district. The means of metro transport isn’t a prospect yet.

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Frequently asked questions on Milas-Bodrum Airport transfer to Gumbet

How far is Bodrum Airport from the Gumbet?

You will have to cover 38.6 KMs to get from Bodrum Airport to the Gumbet centre. This will take no more than 40 minutes. Your choice of transport and route might add or take away from this time.

How many transportation options are available from Bodrum airport to the Gumbet?

The choice of the right transportation is key to getting the full experience of a trip. Bodrum airport offers various options for you to make the right choice. There are yellow taxis, private taxis, buses and airport shuttles to choose from.

How much is a taxi likely to cost from Bodrum airport to the Gumbet?

Taxis are a very comfortable and private choice to travel to the Gumbet. These are very secure. The fare can be calculated as 25 Euros.

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