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Dalaman is a picturesque district located in the Mugla Province on the southwestern coast of Turkey. Known as ‘Turkeys’ Turquoise Coast’, it has a wide range of beaches surrounded by mountains that make a perfect backdrop for beautiful photographs, attracting tourists all year long. To accommodate this large inflow, the Dalaman international airport unveiled its new terminal taking in up to thirty-five passenger airlines at one time, a parking lot that can hold up to 550 vehicles and sixty check-in counters that can serve four thousand passengers in less than an hour. This newly upgraded airport provides passengers with access to the diverse Dalaman airport taxi services covering shuttles, minibuses, public and private transfer.

State of the taxi system in Dalaman

For a trip that lets you take in the beauty of the city, it is best to choose from the various Dalaman airport taxi services made available right outside the airport. The regular taxis here operate on standardized meters and are easy to hire throughout the city. A one-kilometre taxi ride costs approximately Euros 0.39, and this cost can easily go up to around Euros 3.17 per kilometre with charges for waiting and stopovers.

Even though yellow taxis are one of the cheap Dalaman airport transfers, the traffic situation in Dalaman can be precarious which means the taxi fares may vary significantly depending on the time of day and destination. This can make getting around the city quite a stressful and frustrating task, especially for visitors travelling from the airport to their desired destination. The regular taxis also come with a huge set of drawbacks such as lack of professional services, language barriers, dishonest drivers, or the unavailability of online and cashless payment options.

With these issues plaguing the travellers’ experience in transfer airport Dalaman, the city needed to have its very own reliable and affordable private transportation service. This is where Fat Taxi comes in – a transportation service with a focus on making Dalaman airport transfer services comfortable and affordable for a wide array of passengers.

Why us

Room for everyone

Our standard minivan will hold up to 8 adults as well as 4 large suitcases and 4 carry-ons.

Bottled water

All our vehicles come with free bottled water for each passenger when possible.

Onboard WiFi

Need to be online while you’re on the move? You can work, surf, and check your email via our free Wi-Fi.

Child seats

Free child and booster seats can be arranged upon request. Please contact us prior to your journey.

Directions for your transfer from Dalaman Airport

Dalaman International airport is located approximately 6 kilometres away from the city centre. It takes approximately 15 minutes or more depending on the traffic and costs approximately 25 Turkish Lira or roughly 3 Euros. Travellers can avail of public or private buses, taxis, and cars to travel to their respective destinations.

Fat Taxi: An airport taxi service tailored to meet your needs

Since the launch of Fat Taxi, we have aspired to be the torchbearers of a customer focussed private transportation service in Dalaman and Turkey. One of the key aspects to our focussed agenda was to develop a product that catered to varying needs; we wanted to cater to all sets of travellers be it people travelling in groups, business purposes, or solo adventurists.

With this in mind, we added a wide range of vehicles to our offering. You could easily book the transfer from Dalaman airport from our services online with a predefined itinerary from your side or avail of on-spot taxi service at the airport. All our vehicles also come with bottled water and onboard Wi-Fi to ensure our customers can work, surf, and check their email, all during the comfort of their transfer from Dalaman airport.

Why choose Fat Taxi?

There are several reasons why you should choose Fat Taxi as your preferred airport transfer service from Dalaman. We offer a seamless and secure online experience for our customers so they easily and safely make their taxi reservations, and if in case you stumble into any issues our customer service team is available 24/7 via email or our hotline. We have a large fleet of vehicles including 7 types of standard and premium minivans as well Mercedes E/S class. Our drivers are accredited and experienced with excellent knowledge of the city so you can sit back and relax. Not only are they well trained, but also come in handy while communicating with locals!

What makes Fat Taxi unique?

Fat Taxi was launched by a group of friends to deliver a premium service at affordable prices. Having been frequent travellers ourselves, we deeply understood the frustrations of travellers caused by some travelling encounters that leave us hopeless ruining our chance of a great trip. This propelled us to bring together our collective years of experience in hospitality, customer service, and marketing to launch a trusted private transportation service like none other in Turkey.

At the time, there were plenty of airport transfers Dalaman could offer, but it left many travellers feeling deceived and frustrated which eventually led to creating negative stereotypes about Turkey and Dalaman as a traveller-friendly destination. Our goal wasn’t to compete with the cheap cost and deteriorate the quality of travel but to provide an opportunity for a safe, comfortable yet affordable travelling experience.

We wanted to ensure we contribute to the reputation of Dalaman and Turkey as being a traveller-friendly destination, and with Fat Taxi, we aspired to be the game-changers who prioritized doing the right thing above all else and thereby went on to set new standards of private transportation and quality care in Dalaman.

Frequently asked questions on Dalaman Airport

How long is the transfer from Dalaman airport to Marmaris?

The port city of Marmaris is located roughly 90 kilometres away from the airport and it takes approximately 75 minutes depending on the traffic situation, and the cost of the taxi fare is roughly 40 Euros.

How long is the transfer from Dalaman airport to Hisaronu?

Unfortunately, there are no shuttle services available to Hisaronu, so the only way to get there is via taxis. Known for windsurfing, this windy beach is an ideal vacation spot and is located roughly 111 kilometres away from Dalaman airport. The average cost of travel ranges around 75 Euros.

How much does a taxi transfer cost at Dalaman airport?

Dalaman airport is one of the three international airports serving south-west Turkey. There are plenty of shuttle services to Marmaris and Fethiye that cost approximately 3 Euros per passenger. There are also plenty of taxi services available and the costs vary from 20 to 150 Euros depending on your destination of choice.

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