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Turkey is a country blessed with the best of nature in vibrant forms. This liveliness is brought out the best in southern Turkey and its small districts and towns. These are still being discovered by the world and are currently a destination for spending quiet time and enjoying the calm of the world. Dalaman airport brings the world to this side of Turkey. It is one of the three airports that connect southern Turkey to the rest of the world. It is the entrance to Oludeniz village, famous for its tranquil waters and the shades of blue. The resorts house small crowds of people that arrive here for a peaceful time. To commute to places, transfers from Dalaman airport to Oludeniz are available. You can choose from various vehicles. 

About the Dalaman Airport

Dalaman airport is just 5.5 km from the town centre and very close to the town of Marmaris. The airport had the addition of a new terminal. The two terminals are connected to the AVAST bus for passengers to move around. The old terminal is dedicated to domestic flights while the new terminal is used for international flights. It hosts over 35 airlines and offers facilities such as ATM, food stalls and large food courts. There are the general amenities of duty-free stores, convenience stores and a splendid common lounge area. 

Transfer from Dalaman airport to Oludeniz

It is important to choose the right commuting option for your safety and comfort in a new place. It is even better if you get to choose this option as soon as you arrive at the airport. There are various vehicles present at the exit of the Dalaman airport from which you can choose Dalaman airport to Oludeniz transport alternative. There are rows of yellow taxis and private taxis where the drivers are waiting for their next passenger. Buses are parked at a distance where the destination is read on a board at the front. You can buy tickets to get a seat. The options let you choose according to your budget as well.

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Our standard minivan will hold up to 8 adults as well as 4 large suitcases and 4 carry-ons.

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All our vehicles come with free bottled water for each passenger when possible.

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Dalaman airport to Oludeniz by taxi

For tourists that arrive from around the world to spend a relaxing holiday in Oludeniz, a taxi is a popular option. This is because of the comfort these offer to their passengers. Taxis ensure that you are enjoying the trip rather than worrying about switching between transportations. The reason to choose taxis among the other vehicles is that these are private. When travelling alone or with friends and family, you need a little separation from crowds. Choosing to ride from Dalaman airport to Oludeniz by taxi can give you peace of mind and safety. 

For taxis, you get to decide whether you need a private taxi or a local taxi. The taxis have a fixed rate of 0.45 Euros for the first kilometre and 0.40 Euros every kilometre. Dalaman airport to Oludeniz distance is 61.4 KMs. Its fare is under 30 Euros. There is a high chance that with the number of halts, breaks and traffic changes, the taxi fare will also shoot up. The cost calculated by you according to the rates might not add up in the end. This is an unfair disadvantage of the yellow taxis system. 

To patch up any defect in the taxi system, we bring you Fat Taxi. A private taxi rental portal that allows you to discover the true meaning of comfort and luxury at reasonable prices. Fat Taxi lets you book your ride long before you travel here. On booking, you receive a bill that assures you that your money is used in your service accounting for any taxes and charges. We allow you a driver who will be waiting for you at the airport on your arrival. Your booking can also contain any request from your side which will be considered while preparing your ride. We promise to deliver a ride that you’ve never had before!

Comparison of the options

Price for  
Taxi4060 Min24/7 
Fat Taxi5060 Min24/7  Book now
Book now
Bus6210 Min05.00-23.00 


Dalaman airport to Oludeniz by bus

In any travel plan, the budget is a determinant factor that lets you select your accommodation, places of visitation, the dining arrangements. The neglected part of this plan is transportation. If that is the case and you are looking for transport to fall back on, buses are your perfect fit. Whenever you need something comfortable yet affordable on a tight budget, buses are the transfer you need. 

To move from Dalaman airport to Oludeniz by bus, you need to take a ticket for your destination and find the seat of choice on the bus. You are not completely separated from a crowd on the bus. You might find yourself conversing with a stranger on the same journey as you. The rides are long as the longest route is taken by the bus which lets them pick up and drop off passengers. You are to be held responsible for any loss of your belongings. This is a very efficient choice for young adults who are looking for adventure but with little expenses only. 

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Dalaman airport to Oludeniz by metro

Transfer from Dalaman airport to Oludeniz by metro isn’t an option as of yet. There are no existing metro lines in the town to establish any connection between the two places. It is a possibility in the future as the government tries to expand tourism in southern Turkey. Tourism is not dense as the towns are yet to meet with a lot of development.

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Frequently asked questions on Dalaman Airport transfer to Oludeniz

How far is Dalaman Airport from Oludeniz?

Dalaman airport and Oludeniz are 61.4 KMs apart from one another.

How many transportation options are available from Dalaman airport to Oludeniz?

There are buses, shuttles, public and private taxis available right outside the airport to facilitate the transfer from Dalaman airport to Oludeniz.

How much is a taxi likely to cost from Dalaman airport to Oludeniz?

The fare is under 30 Euros for a comfortable ride that ensures privacy and safety in a taxi.

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