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Southern Turkey is the land of immense beauty spread in its beautiful landscapes and a climate that calls to everyone in its warmth. The Mediterranean climate of this region draws people from all around the world. The Dalaman airport becomes the gateway opening up southern Turkey to the rest of the world. The town and district of Dalaman are agricultural but a beauty nonetheless. Dalaman is surrounded by many other beautiful districts that enjoy a moderate tourist flow. One such town is Kalkan. Seated near the Lycian coast, Kalkan is blessed with the beauty of nature. It cools on the eyes with beautiful colours of green lush lawns, blue seawater and whitewashed houses that bring out the beauty of Kalkan. You can easily find the easiest options for transfers from Dalaman airport to Kalkan.

About the Dalaman Airport

Opening up the world to Southern Turkey is the Dalaman Airport. With 35 airlines working along with it, the airport serves both domestic and international flights. Among the two terminals, the newly built terminal serves international flights while the older terminal is for domestic flights. There are also charter planes that take tourists to their destination. Despite the low passenger traffic, the airport is equipped well for any number of people arriving on spot. Passengers can indulge in shopping in duty-free stores or any merchant store. They can dine in the food court. Some ATMs allow withdrawal easily. It is a modern approach to the design of airports. 

Transfers from Dalaman airport to Kalkan

Dalaman Airport is a little distance from the town centre. Among the many towns surrounding the airport, Kalkan is known well as a calm town for spending family holidays. It becomes necessary to find Dalaman Airport to Kalkan transport. On exiting the airport, you can find different options to choose from. There are buses, shuttles, private and public taxis for tourists. Tourists need to make an informed decision to choose a ride according to their comfort and need. Good transport can determine the quality of this first step of your trip.

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Dalaman airport to Kalkan by taxi

When planning your trip, you don’t pay a lot of attention to your transportation. Sometimes, it is the most neglected aspect of your travels. A perfect ride ensures that you can enjoy the journey and roam without any worries of losing comfort or the hassle of changing rides. On the 2 hours long journey from Dalaman Airport to Kalkan distance of 128.3 Kms, this ride needs to ensure your comfort. The wrong transportation choice can leave you uneasy on the long journeys you have to take moving on the road; to your next destination. 

A taxi allows you to enjoy the best of your travels. At the airport, you will get to choose between the local, yellow taxis or the private rental taxis. On choosing a yellow taxi, you will have a conversation with the driver. You can give directions to your destination and any halts or rest stops. It is a private ride where you can be seated alone with no strangers around you. It is very comfortable for you and even your luggage avoids being misplaced. 

However, these taxis have an unfair aspect of running on a meter. These meters have a fixed initial cost of 0.45 Euros and later a price of 0.40 Euros per kilometre. The estimated price is 115-120 Euros. There are high chances of a raise in the fare at the end of the trip if you take halts or the traffic and route changes. The drivers are also not answerable and thus chances of conflicts increases.

To cure you of any of these issues, Fat Taxi brings you perfectly made rides for your very own comfort. Our private taxi rental service allows you to get a booking first hand on our website. You can fill up the needed information in a matter of minutes. You can also fill in your request if any, and we will comply with it. As soon as the confirmation arrives, you will be allotted a driver and a bill will be sent to you online. This is a show of our transparency in service. The bill is detailed and answers for every charge we apply. Choosing to ride from Dalaman airport to Kalkan by taxi is an experience you will always cherish!

Comparison of the options

Price for  
Taxi7890 Min24/7 
Fat Taxi7590 Min24/7  Book now
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Bus6210 Min05.00-23.00 


Dalaman airport to Kalkan by bus

There are a variety of rides at the airport for you to choose from. These vary in a range of comfort, privacy and affordability. Buses are a highly affordable transport option. Travelling from Dalaman airport to Kalkan by bus will cost you only 15 – 20 Euros. When compared to any other mode of transportation, it is very economical. 

The routes taken by these buses are usually the longest route on which they cover the main attraction of the towns on the way. This allows them to pick and drop off passengers at their destinations easily. In buses, privacy is decreased and you need to be vigilant and responsible for your belongings. You can also look at it as a journey you take with strangers where you can find the company for your travels. For anyone willing to balance the trip and travel expenditure, buses are the best choice. 

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Dalaman Airport to Kalkan by metro

Kalkan is a town that is still untouched by a lot of advances that can turn it into a busy hotspot for tourists and locals alike. One such amenity that hasn’t reached southern Turkey is the metro. Moving from Dalaman airport to Kalkan by metro is not possible in the near future as there is no conversation in the government for any such plans. 

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Frequently asked questions on Dalaman Airport transfer to Marmaris Icmeler

How far is Dalaman Airport from Kalkan?

It takes 2 hours to cover the distance of 128.3 KMs from Dalaman airport to Kalkan on the road by taxi.

How many transportation options are available from Dalaman airport to Kalkan?

There are airport shuttles, buses, private and public taxis that serve as transfer between the Dalaman airport and Kalkan.

How much is a taxi likely to cost from Dalaman airport to Kalkan?

The taxi fare from Dalaman airport to Kalkan will be under 120 Euros for a one-way trip.

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