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Top questions about making a booking

Our team will try their best to meet your needs even at a short notice. In order to make a last-minute booking please reach us via e-mail on, live chat on, or WhatsApp +905326622145

Your ‘pick up time’ from the airport must be as close to the flight arrival time as possible. If you are traveling to the airport, we recommend that you set a pick-up time at least 3,5 – 4 hours prior to your flight’s departure.

During the booking process, you will be asked to enter your flight details. The recommended pick-up time is 4 hours prior to your flight. This is based on several factors affecting the journey for the set route, including distance, expected weather conditions, vehicle size, and expected traffic. Setting up the latest pickup time ensures our customers arrive at the airport in time, minimising the risk of missing their flight, should there be any issues, expected or unexpected, that can delay the journey. Unexpected issues could include sudden traffic congestion or bottlenecks, accidents causing blockage or slow traffic on certain roads, poor weather conditions, police controls, minor delays, and other unexpected difficulties.”

You can book one way or round trip. If you book a round trip, you can benefit from our 10% exclusive discount on your final price.

We offer private service with vehicles booked only for you and your family or friends. You won’t be sharing the journey with customers that aren’t part of your travel group.

The total price referenced on your confirmation email once your booking is complete, includes all costs between the pick-up and drop off locations and will be the only amount you will be asked to pay. There are no extra or last-minute charges.

During the booking, you will see vehicle types and passenger & luggage capacity. You can choose the one suitable for your trip. Please make sure the vehicle is suitable both for the number of passengers and the luggage.

We recommend you book as early as possible. But you can always make a last-minute booking via WhatsApp or e-mail.

Top questions about making a booking

You can add extra stops to your booking. Please get in touch with us to get a final price. Extra stops may be subjected to extra costs.

Yes, you can book a trip from the airport even not landing in or no flight from the airport. We can pick up and drop off from any point in the cities we are operating, however, the vehicle can only be booked if you reach us via live chat or +90 5326622145

Please check the passenger & luggage capacity of our vehicles while creating your booking. If you believe none of them fits your requirements, let us know and we can come back to you with a recommendation.

There are various factors that affect the duration of your trip. Time of the day, traffic, day of the week are a few of these factors. Our staff will inform you if there is any unexpected situation which might make your trip longer.

You can use our services for family and friends. If you book for someone else, you will need to make them aware of the pick-up/drop-off instructions as well as our terms and conditions.

We don’t have a special design or equipment for disabled passengers. However, we will have enough space for a wheelchair at the trunk. For any other materials you will have with your luggage, please inform us so we can suggest the most suitable vehicle.

In order to ensure that every passenger receives a prompt service we recommend you make one booking for each flight number. The driver monitors the arrival time of only one flight number per booking in order to be able to collect the passengers arriving on that flight as quickly as possible.

The person making the booking needs to be at least 18 years of age and the Fat Taxi can’t carry unaccompanied minors.

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