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Kayseri, a metropolitan municipality, towered by the dormant Mount Erciyes volcano is a land of rich history that is speeding into the future. Having been home to the Seljuks and Ottoman, the city houses traces of their everlasting architecture in the various citadels and mosques. Sharing Central Anatolia with Kayseri, the Cappadocia region is a UNESCO world heritage site. For anyone travelling to Cappadocia, heaven is brought on earth as you trail through the scenic views in its continental climate. The natural caves and high lows of the rocks mark these lands. Tourists can take the nature trails and explore the vivid details of lands. You might also be lucky to spot beautifully coloured hot air balloons soaring in the skies. To make it even better, you can jump into one of these on your own. The Kayseri Airport becomes the gateway to get to the Cappadocia region. On arrival, you can easily find transfers from Kayseri airport to Cappadocia. 

About Kayseri Airport

The Kayseri Erkilet Airport or Erkilet International Airport opens up Central Anatolia to the world. Along with serving common passengers, the airport also acts as an airbase for the military. It can host large aircraft for the military. It is only after the opening of the International terminal that the passenger flow of the airport gained significance. The airport gained popularity fast with its proximity to Cappadocia. It has comfortable amenities dedicated to passengers where they can either wait peacefully in the waiting room or look through the various outlets in the mall. Kayseri is quieter than any other airport with its small scale. It is advised to be patient through the checks and processing of the airport. Kayseri Airport to Cappadocia distance is only 75.4 Kms making it a 1-hour long road journey. 

Transfers from Kayseri Airport to Cappadocia

 Arriving at a new place can turn out to be a little hectic. You need to be prepared with a lot of things to explore a new place and enjoy your time here. On the top of your tour checklists, you might have transportation. You can leave any worries behind as transport is never a problem at Kayseri Airport. On stepping out of the airport, you will find yourself surrounded by several transport options to choose from. You will find buses, private airport shuttles, and public or private taxis that eagerly await their next customer. Pick out an option that satisfies your travel needs. Here, we help you make an informed choice.

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Kayseri Airport to Cappadocia by taxi

While travelling, you can have a lot on your mind. You need to manage your plans, your accommodation, and your dining options. But most of all, you need to find a transport that is safe for any long commutes that you wish to make. You need to travel with caution to a new place and spend reasonably on everything. Above all, if you have trust and comfort are the centre of your choice, taxis are what you need. The Kayseri airport lets you choose between a private taxi vendor or a yellow taxi. 

The yellow taxis are a popular choice among tourists transferring to Cappadocia. These taxis run on a meter with a fixed price of 0. 5 Euros and then a price per kilometre of 0.4 Euros. The fare can come to be 45 Euros. You can directly pick out a taxi and inform the driver about your destination at the airport itself. There on, you can decide the route of your choice and pull up for snacks or exploring a destination. You get the comfort of riding alone or with your friends free from any other interference. But these running meters also become a problem as time increases. The meter takes into account all halts and increased time due to traffic. At the end of this trip, you might end up paying a higher fare than what you already expected. 

If you want to shrug off all these hassles of travelling from Kayseri airport to Cappadocia by taxi, you can come to Fat Taxi! Fat taxi is a private taxi service that aims to furnish the most pleasant taxi ride to you. To book our services, you have to do nothing more than visit our website and fill out a simple form. You can put in all your information along with any request on your part. Our team considers everything and then confirms your ride. You are appointed the best professional driver from our service. The bill you receive on confirmation talks about all charges to practice complete transparency. Fat taxi is here to render you free of any nightmare transfer stories!

Comparison of the options

Price for  
Taxi3045 min24/7 
Fat Taxi3045 min24/7  Book
Metro245 min24/7 
Bus145 min24/7 

Tips on taking a taxi from Kayseri Erkilet Airport to Cappadocia


  • Only use a registered airport taxi
  • Take a note or photo of your taxi’s plate number in case you need to find it later on

Kayseri airport to Cappadocia by Buses

Travelling can be a hectic job not only for your body but also for your wallet. You end up spending a lot more than you had planned to. It is best if you make the right choice at the very beginning with choosing affordable transportation. Choosing to ride from Kayseri airport to Cappadocia by bus is easy on your pocket. You can find buses parked at a little distance from the rest of the transfer options where destinations are written on the bus. Take a ticket and hop onto the bus with other fellow travellers. The ride cost only 10 Euros. You need to be vigilant as you ride the bus. You are solely responsible for your luggage. Bus rides can be your very own way of travelling and enjoying beautiful sites along the way. 

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Kayseri airport to Cappadocia by metro

Currently, Central Anatolia does not have any metro lines laid out. The prospect of Kayseri airport to Cappadocia by metro is not possible anytime shortly. The government still hasn’t promised the laying down of these prices. This would be a very affordable transportation option.  

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Frequently asked questions on Kayseri Airport transfer to Cappadocia

How far is Kayseri Airport from Cappadocia?

Travelling on road from Kayseri airport is a 1-hour long journey covering 75.4 Kms.

How many transportation options are available from Kayseri airport to Cappacodia?

You can get to choose from various options for transfers at the airport. You can find shuttles, buses, private and public taxis functioning very well at the airport.

How much is a taxi likely to cost from Kayseri airport to Cappacodia?

Taxis at the airport are either the local yellow taxis or private taxis. Both of these can cost around 45 Euros from Kayseri airport to Cappadocia.

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