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Travelling to Istanbul opens up a world of wonder for all who seek its beauty. The largest city in Turkey is serviced by 3 international airports. These airports are flushed all year long with bays of passengers on arrivals and departure. The Sabiha Gocken airport is one of the largest out of these three. The traversing through this airport is highly endorsed by the transfer options offered here. One of the most travelled paths from this airport is to Kadikoy. The cosmopolitan is a head-turner for all the historic & cultural enthusiasts who would enjoy the delight of the city in the tiniest parts. Pick easily from many options you will be getting from SAW airport to Kadikoy.

About the Sabiha Gocken airport

The Sabiha Gocken airport is one of the largest airports in the country hosting not only international but major domestic flights. The airport has gone to exceed the expected results and has surpassed the target of hosting 25 million passengers by 2023. In the year 2017, the airport was of service to 31 million travellers. The services for the airport have been planned with utmost caution paying heed to the topography and improving upon any hurdle in past projects. An elaborate infrastructural design is inclusive of the passengers, the operators and the servicemen’s need with traffic ways, air traffic control towers and more. The 3,500 meters long terminal was achieved on the challenging site with several amenities that would maximize your comfort. Enjoy the magnificent cafeteria dining on the most delicious delights or spend your waiting hours in the luxurious lounge area!

Transfer options from Sabiha Gocken airport

On arriving at this beautiful airport, you are welcomed by the fresh breeze of adventure and promise in this new land. As you move out of the airport, you will be looking for Sabiha Gocken airport to Kadikoy transport to move around in the city and explore the neighbourhoods such as Bostanci, Goztepe and more with their cultural delights. This service is easy to access as it is made available right outside the airport within a few steps. Sabiha Gocken airport to Kadikoy transport options assures a comfortable ride to wherever you want. You can easily choose to travel in any of the transfer options from buses, shuttles, the yellow or the or private taxis. Sabiha Gocken airport to Kadikoy distance is 33.6 KMs which can be easily covered within 1 – 1.5 hours. 

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Sabiha Gocken airport to Kadikoy by Taxi

Travelling is meant to be an experience where you can take in the beauty of the anonymity of a new place. You should be indulging in the thrills the city has to offer. But sometimes, this experience is constantly disturbed by the single most important element of your plan – your transport arrangement. And, travelling from Sabiha Gocken airport to Kadikoy by taxi is an efficient choice. 

On exiting the airport, you will come across rows of yellow taxis lined up to pick customers. You can pick a ride and tell them about your destination and the halts you need. This will be a smooth ride when compared to any other ones. This ride will cost you around 18 Euros. You will get to take pit stops and enjoy the ride whatever way you want. But an issue here is that these taxis run on a meter. This leads to unpredictable changes that are likely to increase than the price assumed at first due to traffic or halts. This can cause serious damage to your plans by destabilizing your plans. 

When you are travelling by Fat Taxi, you can skip all these problems. Fat taxi promises to arrange rides that are cut out for your comfort and need. Riding with us is made easier as you can pre-book rides that will be ready for doorstep pick up on your arrival. We practice total transparency with our clients as your trust is the biggest support for our functioning. Billing systems are transparent as you receive a detailed bill as per your travel plans which will not change by the end of the ride. Your comfort is of the utmost importance.

Comparison of the options

Price for  
Taxi2540 Min24/7 
Fat Taxi3040 Min24/7  Book now
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Bus2.5135 Min06.00-22.00 

Tips on taking a taxi from Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Kadikoy


  • Make sure to pick a registered taxi from the airport cabstand
  • Take note or photo of your taxi’s plate number in case you need it later on

Sabiha Gocken airport to Kadikoy by bus

If you are looking for a ride that is relatively cheaper than all the other rides, shuttles are what you need! Parked right out the airport, the shuttles are easily spotted along with all the other rides. The HAVAIST buses are the most popular choice with affordable rates and very good service. There are not a lot of halts in this ride and it is enjoyable as it gives you the city’s glimpse comfortably. The handling of luggage and security might be an issue. The overall cost goes only up to 2-3 Euros.

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Sabiha Gocken airport to Kadikoy by metro

The development of the metro in Istanbul is still undergoing a lot of work. Even though the construction is well ahead in many parts of the city, Sabiha Gocken is yet to be connected to the metro. The M11 metro line will be crossing through Sabiha Gocken airport connecting it to the M2 metro line. This will create an efficient and easy connection between the city’s commercial, tourist and residential centre. Sabiha Gocken airport to Kadikoy by metro route will be fully accessible and ready in a few years.

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Frequently asked questions on Sabiha Gokcen Airport transfer to Kadikoy

How far is Sabiha Gocken airport from Kadikoy?

The distance of 33.6 KM from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy can be covered within 1 hour to 1.5 hours. This might vary according to your choice of transport in a wide range of options.

How many transportation options are available from Sabiha Gocken airport to Kadikoy?

You can find a variety of transportation options from the Sabiha Gocken airport to Kadikoy right outside the airport. From a shuttle, bus, yellow taxis or a rental taxi, you can choose anyone according to your comfort and budget.

How much is a taxi likely to cost from Sabiha Gocken airport to Kadikoy?

The base price of 0.55 Euros and kilometre price of 0.35 Euros per kilometre is fixed. The cost to Kadikoy comes down to 18-20 Euros.

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