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Setting Foot on One of the largest and most alluring cities of turkey, get fascinated by the beautiful Sabiha Gocken International Airport! It has consistently featured as one of the top-rated and the busiest airports of Europe. The establishment is named after Sabiha Gocken, who was an adopted daughter of Mustafa Kemal and became the first fighter pilot in the world. The next thought that may strike your mind would be getting from SAW airport to Blue mosque which happens to be around an hour away. Blue Mosque also known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque, is an Ottoman-era mosque in Istanbul. There are several options available to reach the Blue Mosque from SAW Airport to the visitors.

About the Sabiha Gocken Airport

Located on the Asian side of Istanbul, it is the world’s busiest single runway and single terminal airport. Far yet near the city centre, its catchment area is among four developing cities, together which accounts for 40% of the Turkish GDP. Being the hub, it’s connectivity spreads across over 120 international destinations and 41 domestic destinations, with the additional hall which was established in July 2018 with a capacity to host 41 million passengers per year. The beautiful yet classic Sabiha Gocken airport was established in 2001 due to an increase in the number of tourists, which has been awarded a great many awards, one being the best investment in tourism so far.

Transfer options from Sabiha Gocken airport

Established at the European side of the mesmerizing city, Blue mosque is the finest example of classic Turkish architecture which was constructed in the early 1660s. After arriving at the Sabiha Gocken airport, which is situated on the Asian side of Istanbul, you would want to visit the Blue Mosque which happens to be 48 – 50 kilometres away. Depending on Sabiha Gocken airport to Blue mosque distance, it may take an average of 1 hour 20 minutes, which may vary upon the prevailing traffic conditions. There are several options for Sabiha Gocken airport to Blue mosque transport which includes Taxi, Metro and Bus; Taxi being the most convenient in terms of any last-mile connectivity and comfort.

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How to get from Sabiha Gocken airport to Blue mosque by Taxi

The most convenient and easiest way to reach the blue mosque is via Taxi, it provides a 24/7 hours service, especially for international arrivals. After setting foot out of the airport, there is a wide range of taxi available to welcome you, ranging from the basic standard yellow taxi to private and luxurious cars giving a VIP transfer. The on-road distance from the airport to Blue mosque is around 49 kilometres, which would take around the same time to travel via taxi, depending on the traffic situations. The basic taxi fare is around 17 euros. Drivers may use the other paid highway and bridges depending on the traffic. 

One of the foremost ways of skipping all the hassle in the commute from Sabiha Gocken airport to Blue mosque by taxi is to book with us. We offer a wide collection of vehicles to choose from, we also charge according to vehicle and bookings, and payments can be made online. There are no concealed or additional costs above what is shown at the beginning of your commute. Our staff is verified, warm and well-versed in English, and yes, we are pet-friendly!

Comparison of the options

Price for  
Taxi2950 Min24/7 
Fat Taxi3550 Min24/7  Book now
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Bus3.50180 Min06.00-22.00 

Tips on taking a taxi from Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Sultanahmet (Blue Mosque)

  • Only prefer registered taxis from the airport cabstand
  • Private vehicles are not allowed inside Sultanahmet Square, so it’s best if you give clear directions to the driver about your exact destination
  • Take a quick note of your taxi’s plate number so you can find the vehicle later on if needed

How to get from Sabiha Gocken airport to Blue mosque by Bus

The commute service from Sabiha Gocken airport to Blue mosque by Bus is provided by the private Bus company named Havabus, earlier known as Havatas, which operates routes to either Kadikoy or Taksim. Both routes will require you to take either a ferry/tram or a walk/tram to reach your next destination.

The journey via Kadikoy will take around 60 minutes. After that, you will have to catch a ferry from Şehir Hatları dock to Eminonu, which would take approximately 15 minutes, then take a T1 tramline from Eminonu to reach Sultanahmet, which may take another 10 minutes.

Similarly, the journey via Taksim will take a little longer, approximately 90 minutes. You must walk for 10 minutes to reach Kabatas where you can take the T1 line to Sultanahmet. This additional transit will take around 30 more minutes.

The journey via Bus is conventional in terms of value for money, as it may even take less than a euro to reach the desired destination. One of the biggest issues to travel by bus is the non-availability of the bus station on the destined location as well as the time taken to travel.

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How to get from Sabiha Gocken airport to Blue mosque by Metro

Sabiha Gocken Airport metro line is still under construction. Reaching Sabiha Gocken Airport to Blue Mosque by metro will be easier and more effortless after it’s completed. Until then there is another way to reach the Blue Mosque if you prefer to travel by public transportation. You can take a bus from the public Bus station, which is on the right side of the terminal. E-10 bus line moves from the nearest metro station. You can get to the M4 Kartal-Kadikoy metro and go to Ayrilikcesme station. This is the place where you have to interchange to Marmaray, to cross Bosphorus. You are required to go out to Yenikapi and make another swap to T1 tram. Or you can walk about 1 or 2 km to reach your destination.

This way will cost 0.11 euro per person. But it is a very hectic way and can be taken only if you have a tight budget or extraordinarily little luggage. Since the service of the metro has not yet started from the Sabiha Gocken airport, it is not feasible for current travellers to use the metro service.

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Frequently asked questions on Sabiha Gokcen Airport transfer to Blue Mosque

How far is Sabiha Gocken airport from the Blue Mosque?

Sabiha Gocken airport is on the Asian side of Istanbul while the Blue Mosque is on the European side. The distance between the airport and Blue Mosque is approximately 48-50 kilometres depending on the route taken.

How many transportation options are available from GAW to the Blue Mosque?

Airport Transfer options from Sabiha Gocken airport to Blue Mosque include Taxi, Bus, Metro, Ferry and Shuttle. Taxi is the most convenient in numerous ways. There are also options to hire rental cars both Private and Luxury for you to travel more freely.

How much is taxi likely to cost from Sabiha Gocken airport to Blue mosque?

It is likely to take around 17 – 22 euro, depending on the prevailing traffic situations and route taken by the driver.

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