Istanbul airport transfer and taxi

istanbul Airport Transfer and taxi

Istanbul airport transfer and taxi

Travelling can be a delight or a hassle depending on your overall experience. Having a good start on your first few hours in a new city can have a positive impact on your overall trip experience, and the first thing almost everyone does when arriving at an airport is to find a ride to their destination of residence.

This is why we believe it’s essential to find the most reliable, safe and capable alternative for your residence or hotel transfer when you arrive at Istanbul Airport.

As most travellers know, there are many possible hardships such as language barrier, the possibility of fraud or even just the problem of finding an available regular taxi during peak hours. These issues can turn an otherwise pleasant travel experience into a nightmare, and that is precisely why we are here for you.

Why Fat Taxi is among the best Airport Transportation options: A true travelling companion

Our aim is to offer the most comfortable airport transfer in Istanbul, both mentally and physically.

With our fluent English-Speaking local team, your transportation is handled with care and ease of communication. You don’t need to open Google Maps to show the driver where you want to go or use translation websites to ask questions about the city. This also helps you save up on your roaming gigabytes while enjoying the ease of mind throughout your travel.

We are here for you before, during and after your Istanbul Airport transfer to help you with any questions you may have or any assistance you need, in order to ensure that you have a great Istanbul experience overall.

With competitive and reasonable prices along with an impeccable service, Fat Taxi is one of the best options among its alternatives. Our policy of charging per vehicle allows you to save up on trips with your friends, family or coworkers. Additional options of full-day/half-day, group and executive hires as well as our city tours, provide more than just a ride and rather a delightful experience to start your travel in the right manner.

But why not just get a yellow taxi?

While a yellow taxi is always a sound option in many parts of the world, choosing an Istanbul Airport taxi when you arrive may not be the ideal solution. Same applies when you are checking out of your hotel and you hail a yellow taxi for your hotel-airport transfer in Istanbul.
It’s very hard to find a cheap taxi in Istanbul. One of the biggest disadvantages the common yellow taxi has is the ever-running meter.

Especially during rush hour (which is almost every hour in Istanbul), whether you are stuck in traffic or taking a long detour to avoid being stuck in congestions, the meter will keep running. In both cases, even a fairly cheap ride can cost much more than what you originally had in mind.

Fat Taxi’s fixed prices allow you to adjust and plan your budget beforehand. This leaves no room for an element of surprise from traffic or occasional con-artists that may attempt to take a long route just to see their meter in action.

You can view Fat Taxi’s travel costs of popular destinations from Istanbul Airport on the below table:

Fat Taxi has a unique roadmap for each traveller’s needs and requirements

Our main focus is providing you with the service you would choose if you had the opportunity to choose the best and most suitable one for your needs. A full range of various different types of vehicles which are designed to serve specific needs is available for you to review and choose from.
If you are travelling as a couple, with your family, friends or a small group of co-workers, Standard Minivan and Premium Minivan options are ideal for parties that will be travelling together to their destination.

If you happen to be on a journey with a larger group such as school, company or retreats, Standard Van and Premium Van options are ideal to organise your plans and keep everyone close-by to avoid any mishaps.

For solo travellers that are particularly passionate about luxury and comfort, Mercedes E Class and Mercedes S Class can be an option that will make you feel in your own element by providing the leisure you are accustomed to.

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Fat Taxi is the best at adapting to your schedule and plans

If you need more than just a transport between the airport and your hotel, with half-day and full-day hire options Fat Taxi can provide you with the ease of transport throughout the day and help you safely get to anywhere you want to go.

Group Tours are also available with Fat Taxi if you want to have an experienced guide to take you through the historical and natural wonders of Istanbul while telling you about the past, present and future of this marvellous city.

A bit of information on your destination

Istanbul Airport is the newest airport in Istanbul and the largest one in Turkey, along with ranking as one of the most high-end and largest airports in the world. The airport has been fully operational since April 6th, 2019. Spread over an area of 76,5 million square meters, the new airport is a bridge between continents and countries.

The airport is on the European side of Istanbul, convenient for both touristic and business-related travels. Located about 40 km off the centre of the European side, the airport resides between Tayakadin and Akpinar villages.

You can also view the approximate distance from Istanbul Airport to popular areas both in the European and Asian Side:

  • Taksim: 38,2 km
  • Kadikoy: 53 km
  • Blue Mosque: 43,7 km

Frequently asked questions on Istanbul Airport

How much does a taxi cost in Istanbul?

The minimum fee of a yellow taxi in Istanbul is 13.00 YTL and for each kilometre, the taximeter adds an additional 3,10 YTL. The meter also keeps running with a time interval when you make a stop, whether it is for a traffic light or congestion. Even if there is zero traffic (which is, sadly, almost impossible), a yellow taxi costs around 150YTL to travel from Istanbul Airport to Taksim in more realistic terms (considering the traffic in Istanbul)
it would cost around 200 YTL in moderate traffic along with any bridge fees that you may cross if you are heading to the Asian side. 

Do taxis in Istanbul accept credit cards?

Around 30% of taxis in Istanbul accept credit cards, but it is also wise to keep in mind that there is an additional charge for credit card service which increases exponentially as your taxi meter rate goes up.

Is there a shuttle service from new Istanbul Airport?

The shuttle is always available, with round trips that are going to various popular destinations which serve as mini-hubs in the city. The shuttles take off every 20 to 40 minutes depending on where they are headed and costs about 20 to 30 YTL. If you ignore the mildly uncomfortable conditions and cramped up space, shuttles are always a considerable option.

Is there a metro line available from Istanbul Airport?

Unfortunately, there is no metro line from/to Istanbul Airport, but you can take a bus from Istanbul Airport to Ataturk Airport, from where you can take the metro.

Is there any means of transport from Istanbul Airport to Ataturk Airport?

Municipality buses are available to travel between Istanbul Airport and Ataturk Airport.

Where do I meet my driver?

For transfers from the airport, you just need to head to the arrivals hall or any other area that is specified in your booking confirmation info and one of our team members will be waiting for you with a sign that has your name and/or our logo.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

If the flight is delayed prior to your transfer, we will reschedule your transfer free of charge. On the off chance that we cannot reschedule and you don’t end up travelling with us, you will get a full refund. If your arrival flight is diverted to another airport, you just need to contact us as quickly as possible by calling or texting us your new flight details.