How to get from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy

istanbul airport trasnfer to kadikoy

How to get from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy

Since mid-2019, Istanbul Airport has been operating as the primary international airport in Istanbul, as well as the largest one in Turkey with a total area of 76,5 million square meters. The airport is near Black Sea shores, situated in north of Istanbul.

As one of the most popular districts in Asian side of Istanbul, Kadikoy resides on the Marmara coast. Kadikoy is the cultural and social center of the Asian side with various restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. The district also acts as a transportation hub with ferry rides to different locations as well as metro and bus stations.

The distance between Istanbul Airport and Kadikoy is 56 kms. A taxi ride takes 1.5 hours in mild traffic while shuttles take longer due to the many stops.

Below is a list of transfer options, costs and useful tips so that you can make a well-informed choice.

How to get from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy by taxi

Kadikoy is one of the busiest areas in Istanbul with all sorts of activities and the district is always lively. All taxi drivers are familiar with the area and you can always find a taxi in Istanbul Airport if you want to travel to Kadikoy. Taxis provide a comfortable and safe ride as long as you are travelling with no more than 3 person.

A taxi ride to Kadikoy will take around 1.5 hours in medium traffic but it can be considerably longer since you will be crossing the Bosphorus via bridges, which tend to get congested.

Where to find a yellow taxi

There are always taxis waiting outside the arrivals hall of Istanbul Airport. You can find the cabstand by following the taxi signs and a taxi company employee will most probably catch you as you exit the airport.

Taxi fare from Istanbul Airport to the Kadikoy

A yellow taxi will cost around 30€ (180 TL) from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy. Taxis in Istanbul use a meter, which means if you get caught in traffic (which is very likely), the cost for the trip can be higher. Also, toll fees and/or bridge fees apply since you are traveling to Asian side. Standard bridge fee is 1.5€ (10 TL), but it would be best to discuss the routes and fees with the driver before you start your journey.

Pros and cons of choosing taxi transfer

  • Safe and comfortable option
  • No waiting and direct transfer to destination
  • Faster compared to alternatives like shuttle
  • Credit card option, though not available in all taxis
  • Unpredictable fare due to meter and traffic jams
  • Communication issues since very few drivers speak English
  • Capacity of 4 passengers per taxi (depending on luggage)
  • The rare con-artist who may attempt to take the longer route

Tips on taking a taxi from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy

Make sure your taxi is registered and that you board from the airport cabstand
Discuss which route you will take with the driver beforehand in order to avoid extra toll/bridge fees. If the driver takes Eurasia tunnel which also connects Europe and Asia sides, it will cost an extra 6€ (36 TL).
Take a note of your taxi’s plate number in case you need to get in touch with the driver after your ride

Overall rating: 4 out of 5

How to get from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy by shuttle

You can also choose to take the shuttle bus from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy. Kadikoy shuttle is coded IST-7 and takes around 2 hours to Kadikoy.

A shuttle can be found every 30 minutes in daytime and hourly after midnight.

Where to find the shuttle

Shuttle station is situated outside the arrivals hall of Istanbul Airport. You can follow the signs in order to easily find the station.

Shuttle fare from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy

Travel from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy with bus costs 4€ (25 TL). You can pay with a credit card or use IstanbulKart. It’s preferable to purchase and load credit on an IstanbulKart in the airport since the card will allow you to use all public transportation in the city as well as shuttles.

Pros and cons of choosing shuttle transfer

  • Suitable for large groups
  • Cost-effective
  • Station announcements give you a sense of direction as well as introduce the different parts of the city on your route
  • Subject to traffic jams
  • Doesn’t take you to your exact destination, which means you may have to travel on foot or via public transport after shuttle ride
  • Numerous stops make the journey a long one

Tips on taking the shuttle from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy

Always listen to the announcements so you don’t miss your station
Shuttles can leave early if they are full before the designated time. Always a good idea to keep an eye on them
Keep your luggage ticket in a safe place so you don’t have any issues collecting your bags

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

Havaist IST – Kadikoy timetable Kadikoy area

How to get from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy by metro

Unfortunately, there is no metro station yet in Istanbul Airport. A construction project has started and the station is planned to be operational by the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a taxi from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy cost?

A regular taxi trip from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy costs around 30€ (180 TL).

What is the distance between new Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy?

The distance is 56 km.

Which transport alternative is the best option when travelling from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy?"

If comfort is important and you don’t want to face any surprise fares, a fixed price transfer service would be the ideal option. This option is followed by yellow taxis and shuttles in terms of comfort.