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Istanbul is the land of wonder that has been attracting waves of tourists washing up to bear witness to its vast beauty year after year. Among the many beautiful attractions around the city, Kadikoy is a cosmopolitan district. The historical, cultural centre is home to some of the most amazing shopping sites and the biggest food market. In Kadikoy, you can easily have the best of both worlds – either business or pleasure. Kadikoy’s streets have the vastness of food, culture, and thrilling nightlife. One can easily choose from the many transport modes you can be getting from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy


About the new Istanbul Airport

The new Istanbul Airport is a marvel with some of the smartest technologies used in its completion. The airport has taken overall service from the Ataturk Airport. Fully functional since April 2019, the airport’s largest terminal caters to all domestic and international flights in and around Istanbul. The stunning architecture and interior details of the airport have caught the eyes of many and have also prominently featured in World’s aviation circuit. It is well connected to all the important centres of the city through public transport. The airport is filled with all necessary amenities including currency exchange stalls, ATMs, a food court, and a duty-free zone that is considered to be the one the best ones. The current passenger count per year is 90 million but on completion, it would be reaching over 200 million passengers. 


Transfer options from Istanbul Airport

Anyone who comes to the Istanbul Airport is swayed by the beauty and the technology of the airport that makes it so advanced. But then, the immediate thought is to find Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy transport options that will take you to your destination of choice – Kadikoy. Getting to these transfers is made simpler as these are available right outside the airport. You can easily find buses, shuttles, yellow taxis, or private rental taxis that are eagerly waiting for the next passenger. All these rides will take you to your destination, but the choice depends on your time and comfort. From Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy distance is 65KM, which can be covered in 2 hours by bus or shuttle. The same ride in a taxi will take you around 30-45 minutes. 

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Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy by Taxi

When you are going to a dream destination, all that you are looking for is a warm, comfortable ride that will take you anywhere you want. You should be able to enjoy the place without any worry about your ride. For such an experience, airport transfers are the right pick for you. As soon as you get out of the airport, you will find rows of taxis arranged right outside for you to pick from. You can take the famous yellow taxi that is the most used local transport. 

Pick one of the drivers and ask him to drop you off at your destination. As comfortable as it is, you will face the problem of fluctuating fare. The taxi fares vary if the traffic increases or you have stoppages as these taxis run on a meter. Conversing with drivers can also be a problem.

But wouldn’t it be best for you if you skip it all at once! Ride with us at Fat Taxi. With us, you can easily pre-book your ride where you can also add your list of special requests. A driver will come as soon as the booking is confirmed; our promise is of doorstep pickup and doorstep delivery. Not only is our system efficient, but also transparent. On your booking, you will be notified of a bill that will show you all the costs. This will be the most comfortable ride at a very reasonable price. What can be better than that!

Comparison of the options

Price for  
Taxi3550 Min24/7 
Fat Taxi3550 Min24/7  Book now
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Bus4120 Min06.0-02.00 

Tips on taking a taxi from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy


  • Make sure your taxi is registered and that you board from the airport cabstand
  • Discuss which route you will take with the driver beforehand in order to avoid extra toll/bridge fees. If the driver takes the
  • Eurasia tunnel which also connects Europe and Asia sides, it will cost an extra 6€.
  • Take a note of your taxi’s plate number in case you need to get in touch with the driver after your ride

Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy by Bus

There are a variety of transport options for any tourist to pick from. If you are looking for something cheaper, a bus is an efficient choice. This ride will have an effectively lower price than any other one. The unavailability of Municipal buses is not a problem as these routes are routinely run by private buses such as HAVAIST and IETT. One can simply follow the signs at the airport to arrive at the bus boarding area. You can pay for your ticket either through a card or Istanbulkart. It is advisable to take a smart card from one of the yellow machines at the airport as these also help with other modes of transportation. 

The only problem one might face is that these buses take extensively long routes as they cover multiple drops off points. All passengers travelling from Istanbul airport to Kadikoy by bus might have to wait a long time as these buses will be stopping at every stop and dropping off passengers. Even if it seems a little stretched, this can be a fun ride that takes you on a mini-tour giving a glimpse of the city. 

At the boarding gate, take the IST- 7 from HAVAIST buses which will take you to Kadikoy. The fare for this ride will be within the range of 3-4 Euros. You can directly get into these buses even if you don’t have a pre-booked seat. It is this ease that makes buses and shuttles such a popular choice among tourists. 

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Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy by Metro

Istanbul is making way every day into developing itself. The new Istanbul airport to Kadikoy by metro is a developing route. It will soon be connected to the upcoming M11 metro line through which the region will be connected. This metro line will be connected to major city nodes and also with the M2 metro line. These two lines will cater to the commercial, residential, and tourist sector of the city. This will be an affordable and relatively fast mode of transportation across the city. One can pay either by card or the Elektronikkart that significantly reduces the fare on each ride.

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Frequently asked questions on Istanbul Airport transfer to Kadikoy

How far is Istanbul Airport from Kadikoy?

The distance of 48KM from the airport to Kadikoy can be covered within 45- 120 minutes. This depends on your choice of transport in a wide range of options.

How many transportation options are available from Istanbul airport to Kadikoy?

You can find a variety of transportation options from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy right outside the airport. From a shuttle, bus, yellow taxis, or a rental taxi, you can choose anyone according to your comfort and budget.

How much is a taxi likely to cost from Istanbul Airport to Kadikoy?

The base price of 0.55 Euros and kilometre price of 0.35 Euros per kilometre is fixed. The cost to Kadikoy comes down to 20-25 Euros.

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