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Getting from Istanbul new airport to the City centre

Arriving in the beautiful city of Istanbul, the second thing to come to your mind would be to get from Istanbul Airport to the city centre which happens to be just an hour away, the first being awestricken by the mesmerising beauty of the Istanbul Airport itself. The main terminal of the new Istanbul Airport started operations as recently as October 2018 post-completion, although it fully took over the operations of the old Ataturk Airport only in April 2019. Since then, it is one of the busiest and most important airports in Istanbul.

About the new Istanbul Airport

While the main terminal was completed in 2018, the full airport is expected to be completed towards the end of this decade. Even so, the main terminal alone handles approximately 90 million passengers a year (pre-covid19); and with a 15.5 million square feet span, it happens to be the largest such terminal in the world. But its area and capacity are not the only features helping it top the airport charts, the mesmerising world-class modern interiors with a touch of traditional Turkish design breaking the monotony every now and then make it one of the most gorgeous airports you can travel to.

Transfer options from Istanbul Airport

Located in the northern region of Arnavutköy, the Istanbul Airport to Taksim city distance happens to be around 43 kilometres which can take anywhere between 40 minutes to an hour to cover by road. The Istanbul Airport to Besiktas city distance is also 43 kilometres and takes about the same time to cover depending upon prevailing traffic conditions. Istanbul Airport to City Centre transport options includes taxis, buses, and metro — the most convenient being a taxi as it avoids the hassle of buying multiple bus tickets or standing in long queues for a metro pass or having to change the bus and look for last-mile connectivity options.

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How to get from Istanbul Airport to City by taxi

Getting from Istanbul Airport to the city by taxi is the most convenient airport transfer option. The moment you step foot outside the airport, you are greeted with numerous taxi options ranging from the conventional yellow taxis to private and luxurious options to suit your need. The on-road Istanbul Airport to city distance to both Taksim Square and Besiktas happens to be close to 43 kilometres and the journey takes between 45 minutes to an hour depending on the prevailing traffic conditions. The fare is decided by the taximeter which has a base rate of 0.5 Euro and a per-kilometre rate of 0.3 Euro with additional waiting and night charges, costing an approximate total of 25-35 Euros.

One of the surest ways of skipping all the hassle in the commute from Istanbul Airport to the city centre by taxi is to book with us. We offer a wide fleet of vehicles to choose from, we charge per vehicle and bookings as well as payments can be made online, there are no hidden or additional costs above what is shown at the beginning of your commute, our staff is verified, warm and well-versed in English, and we are pet-friendly!

Comparison of the options

Price for  
Taxi2440 Min24/7 
Fat Taxi3040 Min24/7  Book now
Book now
Bus3.50110 Min06.30-03.00 

Tips on taking a taxi from Istanbul Airport to the city centre


  • Always make sure that it’s a registered taxi that’s waiting in the cabstand and not an independent vehicle
  • Give clear directions to the driver about where you want to go, you can also ask them to use a navigation application
  • Take a note of your taxi’s plate number in case you forget or drop anything and need to find the vehicle later

How to get from Istanbul Airport to City by shuttle

There are two major bus operators to help you travel from Istanbul Airport to Taksim square and Besiktas city by bus, these include the municipal bus operator IETT and the HAVAIST airport shuttle service. Bus commutes take longer than other modes of transportation from Istanbul Airport to Taksim city and Besiktas city due to multiple stops and prevailing traffic conditions as it gets difficult to manoeuvre a bus in heavy traffic.

The buses under IETT operate via 7 different lines, mostly to non-tourist destinations with tickets priced just under a Euro. On the other hand, the HAVAIST Airport Shuttle buses operate on 9 different lines to both popular and non-touristy destinations via fixed routes to and from the airport. The HAVAIST bus payments are to be made via the IstanbulKart (a travel credit card resembling a pass) or any regular credit cards, the average cost of a single journey is less than a Euro per person. One of the biggest issues with taking a bus from Istanbul Airport to the city centre either to Taksim or Besiktas is the absence of bus stations near the arrival of the airport terminal.

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How to get from Istanbul Airport to City by metro

The commute service from Istanbul Airport to the city by metro is yet to begin, with the M11 metro line which has a stop at every terminal of the airport. It will provide a quick and easy transport option as the metro line connects the airport to Levent which is a commercial centre of the city. The M11 metro line will also connect with the M2 metro line making it convenient to reach Taksim. However, you may have to switch to a high-speed tram to reach the inner city centres which may tale twice as long owing to prevailing traffic. The average duration of the trip would be around 30 minutes thanks to the rapid transit system. But since the service has not started yet, the metro would not be a viable option for current travellers.

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Frequently asked questions on Istanbul Airport transfer to City Centre

How far is Istanbul New Airport from the city centre?

The Istanbul New Airport is located on the European side of the city in Northern Arnavutköy. Two major city centres of Taksim Square and Besiktas City are both located on the European side as well. Taksim Square and Besiktas City Centre are respectively 43.5 kilometres and 43 kilometres from the Istanbul New Airport.

How many transportation options are available from IST to the city?

Airport transfer options from the New Istanbul Airport to anywhere in the city include taxis, buses, metros, and trams; with taxis being the most convenient means of transportation. You can even hire car rentals if you wish to drive around town by yourself.

How much is taxi likely to cost from Istanbul New Airport to city?

The taxi system in Istanbul runs on a metred paywall. The base fare is fixed at 0.5 Euro and thereafter the per-kilometre rate is 0.3 Euro. Wait time is charged extra. In view of this, standard taxi fare from New Istanbul Airport to Taksim Square would amount to 30 Euros, which can vary depending on prevailing traffic and number of passengers.

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