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The Istanbul Airport is one of the world’s busiest airports that brings tourists from around the world to explore the city’s beauty ranging from beautiful landscapes to decorated monuments. One can easily move to the rest of the city from the new Istanbul Airport through several means. Blue mosque features among a few of the city’s greatest architectural marvels that are located only a short while from the airport. Time and again, transfer modes are lined up right outside the airport to help in getting from Istanbul airport to Blue mosque in the Sultanahmet district. 

About the new Istanbul Airport

The new Istanbul Airport located in the Çatalca- Göktürk-Arnavutköy area opened up as one of the world’s largest airports. The airport, even though still under construction in several parts, can handle up to 90 million passengers each year with only one terminal at work. On completion, the goal is to host over 200 million airports per year. The airport swiftly took over all the major airlines that operated in the Ataturk Airport and began operating only from the new Istanbul airport. It is a promising initiative by the government, putting forth an example of technological supremacy with all the high-end technological use in transforming this into an environmentally friendly commercial centre.

Transfer option from Istanbul Airport

Tourists arriving at the international airport can very easily find Istanbul airport to Blue Mosque transport waiting near the exit for quick and easy pickup. The 48 km ride to get to Blue Mosque is a picturesque ride that lets you fall in love with the city en route; the destination is even better. Outside the airport, you will be greeted by many shuttles, yellow taxis, buses, private taxi services that are easily picked up. A shuttle ride is easily available at an hourly difference and takes 2 hours to get there. A bus will simply take a 45-50 minutes ride and is a fun ride taking the long way as it navigates through traffic.

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Istanbul Airport to Blue Mosque by Taxi

In a city that offers you astonishing sites at every step, it is best to travel through the city’s hustle through a taxi. Istanbul Airport to Blue Mosque distance of 48 KM can be covered in around 1 Hour in a taxi. As you step out of the airport, you will come across idle taxis or operating taxi stands from where you can book a taxi and be on your way. You will be quick to notice people getting into the popular, local yellow taxis. 

These taxis have a base price of 0.55 Euros and a kilometre price of 0.35 Euros per kilometre. The total cost to Blue Mosque becomes around 17 to 20 Euros. You can get into one of these and travel to your destination, but this comes with the issue of differing taxi rates according to the traffic, the route is chosen or any other inconveniences to the driver.

But there is a better way for you to skip this long, tiring trail to enjoy a vacation. You can choose to travel on us, Fat Taxi. Here at Fat Taxi, we are dedicated to making your trip safe and enjoyable as you choose us as your Istanbul Airport to Blue Mosque transport service. You can simply book a ride with us online or with an operator at the airport on our website. As soon as your ride is confirmed, you will be received by our driver waiting for you at the earliest, right outside the airport. There will be no dues as you receive a bill with all costs indicated very clearly. We practice complete transparency with our esteemed customers. Anything you want is only a request away with Fat Taxi. 

Comparison of the options

Price for  
Taxi2850 Min24/7 
Fat Taxi3050 Min24/7  Book now
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Bus3.50160 Min24/7 

Tips on taking a taxi from Istanbul Airport to Blue Mosque


  • Always choose a registered taxi and make sure it’s from the airport cabstand
  • Make sure to give clear directions as to where you want to go in Sultanahmet, as the square is closed to private vehicles. You can also ask the driver to use a navigation application
  • Keep your taxi’s plate number in your notes or take a quick photograph. You never know when you might need to find the vehicle again in case you need to retrieve your belongings

Istanbul Airport to Blue Mosque by Bus

Another affordable alternative to getting a taxi to go from Istanbul Airport to Blue Mosque by bus. The bus or shuttle service is widely popular because of its low costs. The Municipal Public Bus does not cover this route. Instead private bus operators, namely HAVAIST and IETT, both under Otobus AS take tourists to and from the airport. These shuttles receive payment either from the credit card or an Istanbulkart, a smart cart that can easily be topped up. This can be easily acquired at the airport itself. Shuttle HVIST-12 operates between the airport and Blue mosque. These buses are available every half an hour and operate 24×7. One ride can take up to 46-50 passengers comfortably with them depending on the shuttle size.

It takes up to 2 hours to take you from Istanbul airport to the Blue Mosque by bus. But the journey on these shuttles or buses can get tiresome as these have multiple stops and usually take a longer route covering various hotels and other stops for drop-offs. You are most likely to have a long wait to get to your point. These can also be adventurous as they give you a glimpse of the city very quickly. This will only cost you around 3 – 4 euros on a one-way ride. 

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Istanbul Airport to Blue Mosque by Metro

The new Istanbul airport to Blue Mosque by metro is a mode that is still under development. By the end of 2021, the M11 metro line will be in service of this airport connecting it to the rest of the city centres. This metro will go on to connect with the M2 line as well which will allow travellers to go on into the commercial and the tourist centre of the city as well. For travelling further into the city one can easily pick up a tram that connects the internal parts as well.

Metro commuting can create cheaper transportation for tourists. Not only will the metro be a price-efficient option but will also undeniably reduce travel time. The only issue with this will be the unavailability of doorstep delivery. Tourists will still have to find some way to take them to their exact destination.

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Frequently asked questions on Istanbul Airport transfer to Blue Mosque

How far is Istanbul Airport from Blue Mosque?

The distance of 48KM from Istanbul Airport to Blue Mosque can be covered within 40- 120 minutes. This depends on your choice of transport.

How many transportation options are available from Istanbul airport to Blue Mosque?

You can find a host of transportation options from the Istanbul Airport to the Blue mosque right outside the airport. You can choose to ride a shuttle, bus, yellow taxis, or a rental taxi.

How much is a taxi likely to cost from Istanbul Airport to Blue Mosque?

The base price of 0.55 Euros and kilometre price of 0.35 Euros per kilometre is fixed. The cost to Blue Mosque comes down to 17 to 20 Euros.

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