How to get from Istanbul Airport to Blue Mosque

istanbul airport trasnfer to blue mosque

How to get from Istanbul Airport to Blue Mosque

As one of the largest and busiest airports in the world, Istanbul Airport is fully open and operational since April 6th, 2019. The airport has taken over the demanding workload of old Ataturk Airport with ease and already became the new hub between Europe and Asia along with all other continents. The airport resides in the north of Istanbul, right by the shores of Black Sea.

Sultanahmet(Blue mosque) District is a peninsula covered by Marmara, Bosphorus and Halic waters. The area is the birthplace of the entire Istanbul and was once called Constantinople. Which is also why Sultanahmet is home to many historical places to visit, such as Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia and Basilica Cistern.

The distance from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet is about 45 km. While a taxi would cover this distance in about 1.15 hours depending on the traffic, the shuttle option would take a bit longer with all the stops throughout the way.

Below are some options for travelling from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet along with cost information and useful tips.

How to get from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet by taxi

There are plenty of taxis in Istanbul Airport and almost all drivers will be familiar with Sultanahmet District, which makes taxi a practical and comfortable option. Keep in mind that if you’re with a group of more than 3 people, you won’t be able to get a regular taxi.
Also, private vehicles are not allowed inside Sultanahmet Square, so if you are planning to travel via taxi, it’s better to know the exact location you need to go and inform the driver accordingly.

Travelling by taxi to Sultanahmet will take around 1.15 hours, considering there is medium traffic.

Where to find a yellow taxi

Yellow taxis wait for arriving passengers outside the arrivals hall. There are also signs in the hall to lead you to the cabstand where taxi company employees usually wait to greet the passengers.

Taxi fare from Istanbul Airport to the Sultanahmet

The taxi price from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet will cost around 25€ (170 TL) in regular traffic. All Istanbul taxis work with a meter, so if you face traffic jams (which is highly likely) the cost may go up considerably. It’s also good to keep in mind that some routes are subject to toll fees, which may create additional charges.

Pros and cons of choosing taxi transfer

  • Provides safety and comfort
  • Transfer to your exact destination without any waiting
  • Faster compared to shuttle
  • Credit card option is available in some taxis even though it is not very common
  • Expensive alternative when compared to shuttle
  • Varying fare rates due to traffic conditions
  • Occasional con-artists who take detours to charge more money
  • Very few English-speaking drivers, which may create a communication difficulty
  • Maximum passenger capacity of 4/li>

Tips on taking a taxi from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet

  • Always choose a registered taxi and make sure it’s from the airport cabstand
  • Make sure to give clear directions as to where you want to go in Sultanahmet, as the square is closed to private vehicles. You can also ask the driver to use a navigation application
  • Keep your taxi’s plate number in your notes or take a quick photograph. You never know when you might need to find the vehicle again in case you need to retrieve your belongings

Overall rating: 4 out of 5

How to get from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet by shuttle

As an affordable alternative to a taxi, you can take a shuttle bus from the new Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet. The shuttles are coded IST-20 and they travel to Sultanahmet in almost 2 hours.

IST-20 Sultanahmet shuttle is available 24/7 and there’s a new ride every 30 minutes in the daytime. After midnight, you can find a new ride every 60 minutes.

Where to find the shuttle

Shuttle area is located outside the arrivals hall. There are also direction signs to guide passengers to the shuttles.

Shuttle fare from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet

Istanbul Airport transfer to Sultanahmet costs 3€ (18 TL) with shuttle service. Two payment options are available in the shuttle: credit card and IstanbulKart. It’s preferable that you acquire an IstanbulKart in the airport and load credit on it since you will need it in all public transportations in Istanbul.

Pros and cons of choosing shuttle transfer

  • Suitable for larger groups
  • Affordable
  • Station announcements give you a clear idea of where you are throughout the journey
  • Traffic jams have an effect on overall arrival time
  • Numerous stops along the route extend your travel time
  • You don’t arrive at your exact destination, which may require you to travel on foot or with public transportation (which is another good reason to obtain an IstanbulKart as soon as possible)

Tips on taking the shuttle from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet

  • Keep your ears open for station announcements to avoid missing your stop
  • If your destination is far from your stop, make sure to plan ahead how you will continue your travel (on foot, taxi or public transport)
  • Be sure to put your luggage ticket somewhere safe so you don’t experience any issues when collecting your bags from the shuttle’s luggage compartment

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

Havaist IST – Sultanahmet timetable Bluemosque area

How to get from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet by metro

Unfortunately, it is not possible to travel from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet with metro at the time. A construction project has started and the station is planned to be operational by the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the cost of a taxi from new Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet?

Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet taxi fare will cost around 25€ (170 TL) depending on the traffic.

What is the distance from new Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet?

Distance between Istanbul Airport and Sultanahmet is approximately 45 km.

What is the ideal transfer option from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet?

Overall, the best alternative is to travel with a transfer service with fixed pricing. This allows you to take full advantage of the travel comfort while ensuring you don’t face any surprises price-wise since travel fees are fixed.