How to get from Istanbul Airport to Besiktas

istanbul airport trasnfer to besiktas

How to get from Istanbul Airport to Besiktas

As the newest and most advanced airport in Turkey, Istanbul Airport is one of the finest examples of modern architecture in the country. With a 76,5 million square meter area and state-of-the-art technologies, the airport quickly became a new international hub in the region.

Besiktas is one of the richest areas in Istanbul when it comes to cultural and social activities. Countless restaurants, cafes and pubs adorn the streets of Besiktas along with a wonderful Bosphorus view along the pier. The district also acts as a transportation hub with ferry ports and various buses that travel to different parts of the city.

The distance between Istanbul Airport and Besiktas is about 45 kms. The travel takes about 50 minutes with a taxi and 1.5 hours with a shuttle in regular traffic. Since Besiktas is a very busy area, travel time can be longer in rush hours.

Below is a list of options with useful details that can help you pick the best transfer for your travel.

How to get from Istanbul Airport to Besiktas by taxi

Besiktas is a central area in Istanbul with a large resident population as well as a high visitor frequency, which is why it’s a very popular district among taxi drivers. You can easily find a taxi in Istanbul Airport and chances are high that the driver will be familiar with your exact destination in Besiktas. Taxis provide a comfortable travel as long as you’re travelling with 3 people or less.

Transfer with taxi from Istanbul Airport to Besiktas will take around 50 minutes, depending on traffic.

Where to find a yellow taxi

Yellow taxis are fairly easy to find in the new airport. There is a cabstand outside the arrivals hall as well as guidance signs inside the terminal. There are also taxi company employees waiting outside the arrivals hall to take you to your taxi.

Taxi fare from Istanbul Airport to the Besiktas

Taxi transfer from Istanbul Airport to Besiktas costs around 25€ (170 TL). All taxis in Istanbul are equipped with a meter, which means if there’s a lot of traffic (which is usually the case), cost can increase considerably. Also, some routes are subject to toll fees which create additional charges.

Pros and cons of choosing taxi transfer

  • Comfortable and safe travel
  • No waiting required
  • Transfer to your exact destination
  • Gets you to your destination quicker than alternatives such as shuttle
  • Credit card option is available, although not all taxis provide this payment option
  • Unpredictable cost due to taximeter and traffic jams
  • Communication may become a difficulty since most drivers are not fluent in English
  • Chance of running into a con-artist who may attempt to take a longer route
  • Maximum passenger capacity of 4 (depending on number of luggage)(depend

Tips on taking a taxi from Istanbul Airport to Besiktas

Always be sure that you’re taking a registered taxi from the cabstand and not an independent vehicle
Provide clear directions for the taxi driver, you can also request that they use a navigation application
Take a note of your taxi’s plate number or a quick photo so you can easily find the vehicle later, if need be

Overall rating: 4 out of 5

How to get from Istanbul Airport to Besiktas by shuttle

You can also take a shuttle bus to Besiktas from Istanbul Airport. Besiktas shuttle bus is coded IST-5. The bus ride takes 90 minutes but it can be longer depending on the traffic as well as how many stops the bus makes along the way.

There’s a new IST-5 shuttle every 35 minutes during daytime, but between midnight and 06.00 in the morning, there are very few shuttles. You may want to check the bus hours before booking your flight ticket in order to avoid waiting in the terminal for a long time.

Where to find the shuttle

The shuttle station is situated outside the arrivals hall. You can also follow the guidance signs in order to find the shuttle area.

Shuttle fare from Istanbul Airport to Besiktas

IST-5 Besiktas shuttles cost 3€ (18 TL). There are two payment methods in shuttles: credit card and IstanbulKart. It’s best if you obtain an IstanbulKart in the airport and load credit on it as you will need one for all your public transports in the city.

Pros and cons of choosing shuttle transfer

  • Conventient when traveling with large groups
  • Budget-friendly
  • Station announcements provide clear guidance as well as giving you a general idea about the districts on your route
  • Affected by traffic jams and congestions
  • Doesn’t take you to your exact destination
  • Longer travel time due to traffic and various stops along the way

Tips on taking the shuttle from Istanbul Airport to Besiktas

Pay close attention to the station announcements so you don’t miss your stop
Shuttles may leave early if they are full. Stay close to your shuttle in order to ensure you don’t miss it
Keep your luggage ticket with you throughout your journey so you don’t experience any issues when collecting your bags

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

Havaist IST – Besiktas timetable Besiktas area

How to get from Istanbul Airport to Besiktas by metro

Unfortunately, there is no metro station yet in Istanbul Airport. A construction project has started and the station is planned to be operational by the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the distance from Istanbul Airport to Besiktas Stadium?

The distance between Istanbul Airport to Besiktas Stadium is 44 km.

What is the nearest airport to Besiktas in Istanbul?

Both Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport are approximately the same distance from Besiktas as the district is located in the centre of Istanbul.

How to get from Istanbul Airport to Besiktas in the easiest way?

If your priority is comfort and you don’t want to face any surprises in transport fees, a travel service with fixed pricing would be the ideal choice, followed by taxi and shuttle bus.