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6 places to go scuba-diving

As a country covered with waters on three directions, the shores of Turkey have a lot more to offer than beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, resorts and night clubs. Beneath the crystal clear waters of Aegean and gentle waves of lukewarm Mediterranean, lies a different world. One that tells the beauty of a different nature with unique coral beds, the history of a different world with sunken ships and aircrafts from the first world war. 

If you’re a scuba diving enthusiast or want to start a new hobby, Turkey is the perfect place to visit. And here are 6 of the many places you can dive into the mesmerising seas of the region to rediscover your world.


Fethiye – Akvaryum Cove

No matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, you can witness a beautiful variety of natural sea life in Akvaryum Cove. The name of the cove means “aquarium”, which is a very suitable name when the rich variety of sea animals living in the area are considered, as well as the fascinating coral beds. You can see octopuses, sea horses, morays, a large variety of fish and more, even if you’re just a beginner who’s performing shallow training dives.

If you’re visiting Fethiye, you can get in contact with The Exdream Diving Club to learn more about the tours and routes for scuba diving via the below link: https://theexdream.com/fethiye-tuplu-dalis/

Flying Fish – Kas

This one’s for the more experienced divers, but it is possible to book novice dives in the area too. And if you’re planning to stay long and do multiple dives, you can reach the level of diving deeper in order to experience the spot in-depth, no pun intended. There is a great variety of fishes in all sizes as well as a sunken Italian scout aeroplane from 2nd world war in 65-meter depth.

You can contact Subaqua Diving Club for more information on the region’s diving activities by clicking the link below: https://www.subaquadive.com/tr/FLyingfish-dalis-noktasi-kas-Turkiye/

Cesme – Fener Island

Fener Island is an ideal spot for beginners with a depth of 18 meters while having enough underwater activity and richness to provide a great time for experienced divers as well. The area is home to small fish hordes, which means if you’re diving at the right time of the day, hundreds of small fishes will be accompanying you in your discovery of corals and the colourful seabed. There are also old seal caverns in the area, which means if you’re lucky, you may get to swim with seals.

If you’re planning to visit Cesme and are interested in diving at Fener Island, you can visit the below page for detailed info and offers: https://www.subaquadive.com/tr/FLyingfish-dalis-noktasi-kas-Turkiye/

Bodrum – Delikli Magara

The unique semi-cavern formations in Delikli Magara present a beautiful experience with the seeping sunrays and colourful coral walls. With a depth of only 15 meters, the area is amateur-friendly yet enjoyable for all divers. You can witness a variety of sea life while wondering in the depths of Delikli Magara area. 

If you’ll be spending your holiday in Bodrum and want to dive into a spot with a mesmerising view, you can check Delikli Magara by clicking the below link for details: http://www.blueescapediving.com/tr/bodrum-dalis-noktalari/delikli-magara-bodrum

Sakarya Batigi – Kas

One of the most famous diving spots in Turkey, Sakarya Batigi is the home of a massive British cargo ship that went under, over 90 years ago. The best part of this diving spot is the fact that the sunken ship starts at a 15-meter depth and goes as down as 60 meters deep. This means both the beginner level divers and experienced enthusiasts can enjoy the area to its fullest. 

If you’re visiting Kas and want to learn more about diving at Sakarya Batigi, you can click the below link for further info: https://www.gurudive.com

Ayvalik – Deli Mehmet Underwater Islands

There are two underwater islands called Deli Mehmet in Ayvalik waters. Deli Mehmet 1 is ideal for beginner to intermediate divers with a depth going from 18 meters to 70 meters. Deli Mehmet 2 is for experienced and master divers with a depth of 27 to 70 meters. Both areas contain a large amount of sea flora as well as fish and other sea creatures. If you’re planning to dive for multiple days, the area provides a perfect incentive to make you push for more and advance in your divers rank as fast as possible.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most convenient transport between different diving points when in Turkey?

Booking from a private transfer company would be the most comfortable way to travel across diving spots and see all attractions. You can also book a private tour from the Tours section of our website and customise it according to your route. This will allow you to travel with ease, following the most convenient route between attractions.

How can I reach to my diving destination from the airport I arrive Turkey at?

Since there is no direct shuttle fro most airports to small towns, you can either take a taxi or use private transfer service. You can find details about the journey options in our airport's page, where you can pick your arrival airport or the destination you want to go to, and see more options.

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