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Istanbul has various districts with an amazingly active nightlife and places with great food and drinks to spend your evening. One of the most popular districts when it comes to having a fun night out is Kadikoy. Kadikoy is home to countless concept bars, pubs, restaurants where you can have a calm and relaxing evening over a couple of drinks or have crazy fun until the early lights of morning.

Here are 6 of the great places to check out when you’re in Kadikoy:

The Harp Irish Pub

The Harp Irish Pub

Harp is a prime example of the Irish pub culture in Kadikoy, though various Irish pubs are located in the district, Harp has all the essential marks of a real Irish pub. You can play darts and pool, enjoy the Irish folk music and sit at the island bar outside, watching sports games while having a drink. On top of it, the waiters are very friendly, helpful and professional.

Another upside of The Harp is how close it is to the ferry and subway stations.

Viktor Levi Wine House

Originally a grape farmer, Viktor Levi was a grape trader from Gallipoli. When he found out the immense demand for wine in Istanbul back in the early 1900s, he started to focus on the wine trade. Yet, the wine resellers in Istanbul were not fair in their willing prices, which drove Levi to open his own wine house in the city. The wine house offers delicious and exquisite dishes along with their own wines of different tastes. The restaurant is budget-friendly and has a great atmosphere. 

You can visit the below page in order to get details on Viktor Levi Wine House and book a table:https://www.viktorlevimoda.com


Koço is a trademark of Kadikoy since 1928. The traditional raki house has a rich menu with hot and cold side dishes and a range of delicious main courses. Situated right by the Moda shore, the restaurant also has one of the most beautiful views in Kadikoy. 

You can visit Koço’s webpage if you’d like to enjoy raki along with a mesmerising view and wonderful dishes: http://kocorestaurant.net/www/default.asp

Moda Kayikhane Event Hall

Though the name suggests an event hall, Kayikhane is much more than that. There’s a pub section, a large event hall for concerts and a restaurant section right by the water which serves traditional raki along with side dishes and main courses. Kayikhane is a place you can spend your whole night by starting with a lovely meal by the sea, moving onto the pub for a couple of drinks and follow up with a night of dance in the event section.

Zincir Rock Bar

Zincir is one of the oldest rock bars in Kadikoy. It is an old school pub with a dark atmosphere, playing rock and metal music all day. It is not a tourist spot per se, yet if you wish to experience the rock bar culture in Turkey stemming from ’80s, Zincir is a must-see.

Dorock XL

Dorock XL is the place you go when all other pubs and bars are making their last call and you feel like the night is still young. The event hall has live music until at least 4 in the morning and the bar section doesn’t close up until 6. So if you want to have an unforgettable night, Dornock XL can be the place you make those memories.

If you want to know more about Dorock XL and see the concert schedules, you can check the below link: http://www.dorockxl.com

Frequently asked questions

What is the most convenient transport within Istanbul to see different places in Kadikoy and rest of the attractions?

Booking from a private transfer company would be the most comfortable way to travel within Kadikoy and see all attractions. You can also book one of the private tours: Full-Day Sightseeing, Half-Day Sightseeing and Sightseeing at Night in Istanbul, which will allow you to travel with ease, let you pick your own destinations and follow the most convenient route between attractions.

What airport would be the best to see the Kadikoy bars, cafes, restaurants and other attractions?

While Kadikoy is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and the closest airport is Sabiha Gokcen Airport, you can easily reach them from Istanbul Airport by using a private transfer service.

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