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Top istanbul coffee shop

One of the most rewarding parts of travelling to new countries is immersing oneself in the local culture. And in Istanbul, coffee is not just a beverage; it’s a significant part of cultural expression and social interaction. Here is our curated list of top Istanbul coffee shops that every international traveller must visit to savour the exquisite Turkish coffee culture. And remember, to make your trip hassle-free, consider booking your Istanbul airport transfer with Fat Taxi, an excellent service that ensures a smooth journey to your destination.

1. Mandabatmaz

Mandabatmaz coffee shop

This petite coffee shop, located in the bustling district of Beyoglu, serves up some of the city’s thickest and richest Turkish coffee. The name Mandabatmaz literally translates to “the buffalo doesn’t sink,” referencing the coffee’s delightful thickness. With its traditional copper brewing pots and friendly atmosphere, Mandabatmaz is a must-visit for anyone wanting an authentic Turkish coffee experience.

2. Fazil Bey’s Turkish Coffee

Fazil bey's Turkish Coffee shop

Located in Kadikoy on the Asian side of Istanbul, Fazil Bey’s has a rich history dating back to 1923. They serve one of the best versions of Turkish coffee made in a “cezve,” or a small long-handled pot. Here, you can enjoy your coffee in a historical ambiance overlooking the lively Fish Market.

3. Kronotrop

Kronotrop Coffee shop


Kronotrop prides itself on being Istanbul’s first specialty coffee shop and roaster. They source the best quality beans from around the world and roast them in small batches to ensure their freshness. If you fancy a break from Turkish coffee and crave a familiar latte, cappuccino, or flat white, this is the place for you.

4. Petra Roasting Co.

petra istanbul coffee shop

Located in Gayrettepe, Petra Roasting Co. combines art and coffee under one roof, as it is situated inside the contemporary art space, ‘istanbul’74’. With a commitment to serve specialty coffee, Petra offers a variety of brewing methods like pour-over, Aeropress, and more. Their unique menu also features artisanal chocolate pairings, making it an ideal spot for the adventurous coffee enthusiast.

5. Coffee Department

coffee department

Another specialty coffee shop, Coffee Department in Karakoy, is known for its expertly brewed coffees and skilled baristas. With its minimalist interior and welcoming atmosphere, it’s an excellent spot for travellers to relax, work, or socialise. You can also enjoy a hearty brunch here, making it a perfect start to your day in Istanbul.

6. Karabatak

Karabatak coffee shop

Located in the trendy Karakoy district, Karabatak is set in a restored warehouse and boasts a unique blend of vintage and modern decor. Their extensive menu offers a range of coffees, including traditional Turkish coffee, expertly brewed with the right balance of sweetness. You can also explore their broad tea selection if you fancy a change.

7. MOC Istanbul

Moc Istanbul

With various branches around the city, MOC Istanbul is known for its quality beans, locally roasted to ensure the ultimate coffee experience. Whether you’re after a classic filter, a refreshing cold brew, or a traditional Turkish coffee, MOC Istanbul has it all. Their industrial-chic locations provide a relaxed setting for both socialising and working.

In Istanbul, the ancient and the modern blend seamlessly, and the city’s coffee scene is no exception. These coffee shops offer a mixture of traditional Turkish coffee and contemporary brewing methods that cater to all tastes. They provide not only a caffeine boost but also a unique cultural experience that every international traveller should take time to savour.

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