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Cappadocia is one of the few and unique places that can attract the interest of almost everyone, whether you’re a history nerd or an extreme sports enthusiast, an aspiring artist or a spiritual yogi. The fairy tale land of Cappadocia is full of one-of-a-kind sites to see and activities to do, you can spend all your day in the area and still have lots of places you didn’t visit. 

Here are a few of these places and activities that makes Cappadocia the magical place it is.

Visit the underground cities

Cappadocia is famous for its large underground cities. It is assumed that he constant raiding and invasion attempts forced townspeople to create an underground city that they can retreat back to in times of distress. Some other studies also suggest that it was a means of protection against harsh weather conditions in the area. Though 36 of these small cities have been found, it is assumed that there are many more, maybe even in hundreds. Almost all surface structures have a secret passage into the underground tunnels, which connect to each other and create a city. The layout is impressively sophisticated when you consider the fact that these underground cities were created well before hundreds of years before BC. 

The cities contain not just shelter and homes to people, but public houses, courts, bath houses and more. You can visit and go inside the underground tunnels and take a journey through time into an almost alternate reality.

Participate in a pottery workshop in Avanos

One of the most prominent cultural heritages of the Cappadocian people throughout the settlement’s history was the various pottery works in different fashions. Since the Hittites, the pottery has been a devotion for the people of this town. The tradition has been carried on to this day with various pottery workshops in the area that are loyal to the historical design elements of these lands. 

Visitors can attend to both viewing of the production of these pottery works as well as participate themselves, taking a quick lesson in the workshop before moving onto creating their own pottery works as a souvenir. Masters of pottery in the region are very experienced in teaching tourists and guarantee a fun time. One of the best places to enjoy a potter workshop and see the wonderful artworks that can be purchased as a souvenir is Guray Ceramics.

Ride ATV’s in Goreme

Besides bike routes, horseback safaris and trekking paths, there’s also a more adrenaline filled option to travel through the plains of Cappadocia. If you’re feeling adventurous, ATV ride will be a perfect way to take in the scenery while having a fun and exciting time with your friends. You can check Ozcappadocia for details on detailed info about ATV tours. 

Salute the sun in a unique view

Cappadocia is a favourite spot of yoga retreats. In summer season, you can almost always see various yoga groups when the dawn is breaking, practicing their inner peace against the mesmerising landscape and the rising sun. If you’re a yoga enthusiast, all you need to do is take your mat and join them, and as all yoga groups do, they will most definitely welcome you with arms wide open.

Winery tour and tasting

Cappadocia, thanks to its volcanic ground and earth, is a very suitable area for wine making. Many of the prominent and exquisite wine brands of Turkey are using the grapes of the area. There are also many wineries in Cappadocia, which offer tours where you can see how the wines are made in step by step fashion. Afterwards, you can enjoy a delicious glass of local wine. Wine production in Cappadocia is believed to be dating back at least 6.000 years.

Take a hot air balloon tour

If you know just one thing about Cappadocia, chances are high that it’s the hot air balloon tours. The unique landscape with hundreds of balloons adorning the sky is a very well-known sight seen in several travel blogs, magazines and websites. While a bit costly, balloon tour is a once in a lifetime experience with a chance to behold the beauty of the town in the most unique perspective possible. Voyager Balloons is a fairly experienced balloon ride company that you can take a look at to get more details.

Visit the Fairy Chimneys

The second most well-known and unique landmark that Cappadocia offers are surely the Fairy Chimneys. Fairy Chimneys are unique formations of tuff, shaped by the weather conditions and wind throughout ages. An improbable string of combinations throughout centuries, consisting of floods, volcanic activities and harsh weather conditions created the Fairy Chimneys. It is said that nature felt particularly artistic one day, and Cappadocia was the only canvas it could find, hence the Fairy Chimneys.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most convenient transport between attractions in Cappadocia?

Booking from a private transfer company would be the most comfortable way to travel within Cappadocia and see all attractions. You can also book a Private Cappadocia Tour which will allow you to travel with ease, following the most convenient route between attractions.

Which airport is the closest to Cappadocia?

While Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport is the closest to Cappadocia, it is much easier to find direct flights from various cities in Turkey to Kayseri Airport.

How can I reach Cappadocia from Kayseri Airport?

Since there is no direct shuttle from Kayseri Airport to Cappadocia, you can either take a taxi or use private transfer service. You can find details about the journey options on our How to Get from Kayseri Airport to Cappadocia page.

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