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Spending time with your loved ones under the lockdown

Spending time with your loved ones under the lockdown

Thanks to modern technology and the internet, we have access to things that seemed like science fiction merely 20 years ago. Our smartphones allow us to make video calls no matter where we are, we can use our laptops to play online games with friends, even work remotely and present to clients and employers.

Such technological advancements also have a very prominent effect on how we experience the current lockdown. While in earlier times, even the communication with their close vicinity was a problem for people who experienced pandemics, we are blessed with an abundance of digital communication networks and a great number of technological pastimes.

Even though the bleak atmosphere of lockdowns and pandemics may sometimes paint a depressing picture, we are lucky to have these resources, which can help us connect to one another and stay in touch with our loved ones.

Thanks to the many video call apps that allow multiple people to have a chat at the same time, such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Discord, Whereby, and many more, you can spend time with your friends and family and do many of the activities you did together before the lockdown.

Here are a couple of fun ideas that you can easily do with your friends in order to stay in touch and keep enjoying your time together:

Cook together

This is a great way to learn new tricks in the kitchen while staying in touch with your friends and family. You can take turns in teaching recipes and cook simultaneously while chatting on a video call. This would ensure that you apply the same techniques and amount of ingredients with the same timing, creating the opportunity to learn a new recipe! Then, when the pandemic is over, you can prepare a dinner for your friends or family with all the recipes you’ve learned during the lockdown.


Even when there is no lockdown, it can be hard to find the necessary motivation to work out. It’s always much better to have an exercise buddy that can push you when you don’t feel like getting off the sofa! This can be much more important these days since we are not as active as we previously were. Having an exercise buddy that you can work out with through a videocall will keep you entertained while staying active and will probably give you the incentive to look forward to your next work out/social time with your friend!

Game night

Thanks to the platforms like Steam, Epic Games, PSN, and Microsoft Store, almost all of the board games that we know are now digitalised. You can play a wide range of games that you know and love such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and more, as well as the classic card games. And for more advanced gamers, there are countless multiplayer game options that can turn your night into an unforgettable fun time with your friends.

Dinner party

While all these activities are perfect for having a fun time, having a focused conversation about life, what you’re going through and how your friends are doing is also very important. And what is better for doing that, then a dinner date? You can organise a dinner with all your loved ones, prepare your favourite dish, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy your meal while having a delightful conversation with your best friends or family. A quality evening in the company of your favourite people where you talk about things that really matter can be revitalising in these times.


Sometimes you just need to blow off some steam, get a little silly, and have some fun with your friends. And that is one of the reasons why we had pubs! But for the time being, we have to make do with what we have. You can get together with your friends online and have a fun chat while sipping on your favourite cocktail, and a major upside is, you don’t have to stick to the drinks on the menu!

Time to pick up the phone!

Having regular chats and staying in touch with your friends and family is very important in these hard times. Thanks to the technology, we can get together with them anytime. So, give them a call and make some plans, and remember that you will be next to them soon, you just need to endure a little more.

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