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Thankfully, the precautions against Covid-19 pandemic is starting to show a drastic improvement on the spread of the virus globally. Along with these positive developments, airlines are starting their activities again and the popular summer destinations for travellers are back open.

Even though hotels and holiday residences are reopening and many people are starting to plan their holidays, it may not be the best option to visit an overly populated hotel or a crowded coastal city centre with visitors from all around the world. An alternative option can be to find smaller towns with fewer people and visitors, which would reduce the risk of exposing you and your loved ones to the virus while taking a much-needed leisure time.

Antalya, for example, is a very popular place for travellers every summer. But did you know there are also various small towns around Antalya with lovely beaches and small inns as well as budget-friendly rental houses? This can be the ideal option to have a safe and relaxing holiday plan if you wish to stay away from populated areas and hotels.

Here is a selection of small coastal towns around Antalya that you can visit to have a peaceful time on your holiday.


Adrasan is a small village with a population of 2.500 people, situated right by the coast and within 95 kms distance from Antalya city centre. The village has a small and beautiful cove and local cafes as well as pubs and restaurants. Adrasan is located on the path of famous Lycian Trail, which makes visiting landmarks such as Gelidonya Lantern and Olympos very convenient.



Ucagiz is another beautiful and secluded village near Antalya with a population of only 450 people. The village is considerably far from Antalya with around 195 km distance but makes it up with its close distance to the popular holiday spot Kas. So if you want to socialise for a night or enjoy water sports such as windsurfing and scuba diving, you can easily visit Kas while staying in Ucagiz


Kalkan is a more well-known choice compared to the previous 2 options. While the town has a population of just 3.500 people, it is a very popular spot for both local and international tourists. There are many beach options in the town as well as many hotels, pubs, cafes and restaurants. You can also participate in boat tours and water sports such as scuba diving. If you wish to avoid extremely crowded holiday centres such as Bodrum but also want to have a lot of activity options, Kalkan can be the ideal option.

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