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Holiday plans are back on our agenda

With the slow decline in Covid-19 cases, more and more people are looking for places to spend their much-needed holidays in safety and peace. International flights are planned to be active again soon, enabling travellers to travel with extra safety measures and controls.

While safety during the travel process is very important, the place we choose to spend our holiday and how well we are protected against possible exposure to Covid-19 is equally, if not more, important. It is announced that hotels and holiday resorts will be opening up in Turkey and they will be taking extra precautions in order to limit the employee-guest contact to a minimum, as well as regulating the use of social spaces inside their compounds. But still, it may not be the best option to choose a hotel with many guests from different parts of the world.

If you wish to spend your holiday in a more private and safe manner, choosing a small town with little tourist population may be the ideal way. There are many hidden gems in Turkey, small towns spread around very popular cities with less population and small rentable houses for the holiday season. This way, you can have your own space, cook your own meal and maintain social distancing whenever you wish. It can also be a very peaceful way to spend your holiday and leave the busy tempo of the world behind, away from people and crowded cities.

Here are a couple of secluded and beautiful town suggestions in the vicinity of Izmir that you can spend a relatively safe and peaceful holiday:



Within 70 kms distance of Izmir city centre, Ozdere is a small seaside town with a population of 1.500 people. The town has a beautiful beach and neat, small houses that are reasonably priced for holiday renting. The history of Ozdere goes back to as far as 5000 B.C., and there are many historical sites and structures to see if you wish to travel and sightsee. Thanks to its close distance to city centre, you can also head to Izmir anytime you want for a night out.



Originally a small village of the fishery, Sigacik is a wonderful getaway spot with a population of fewer than 2.000 people. The town is in 52 kms distance to Izmir city centre and it is home to historical structures such as Teos Ancient City. Sigacik is also famous for its producers’ bazaar, where the items sold are brought from the villages in the vicinity and no mass production goods are allowed. Also, the use of plastic bags is forbidden in the bazaar and the use of paper bags are encouraged. There are many small rentable houses and a number of inns in the town for the visitors.



Situated right by the sea and within 80 kms distance of Izmir city centre, Yenisakran is a secluded town with a population of around 3.500 people. The town doesn’t have much attractions other than a beautiful beach and small fish restaurants, hence its calm, uncrowded and serene streets. You can find rentable houses in the town with a quick search online, as well as a small number of inns. The town is suitable for families with parks, small cafes and a calm beach.

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