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With every day that goes by we are moving closer to a new and safer normal. Declining Covid-19 cases have had a globally positive effect and as with most businesses such as cafes, restaurants, malls, and bars, the tourism field is starting to revive from a complete halt. While this doesn’t mean we should stop paying extra attention to our hygiene and social distancing, it does suggest for many people that the summer is not all lost and we can take a much-needed holiday.

The most recent news on how tourism is recovering at a rapid pace in the UK, allowing the travel of its citizens to almost 60 countries without quarantine requirements, one of which is arguably the most popular holiday location for the Brits: Turkey.

Even though quarantine is no longer enforced upon return from Turkey, tourists should still refrain from going to overpopulated areas to maintain a low-risk. Spending your holiday in popular city centers or staying in large holiday inns may increase your risk of being exposed to the virus. Or if you are a carrier yourself, you are increasing the chances of a broad expansion of the virus. A better choice may be to spend your holiday in one of the smaller towns of Turkey with less population. You can stay at a small inn or preferably a rental home where you would be isolated with your family or friends.

Mugla, a very popular holiday spot in Turkey, also has small towns and villages where you can spend your time safely and in peace. These towns, while isolated from crowds, are also easily reachable from city centers.

Here is a selection of small towns around Mugla that you can review for a safe and peaceful holiday:



Icmeler is a small district in Marmaris, a town of Mugla. The district takes its name from the unique drinking water which is believed to hold healing properties. While the district is very close to Marmaris and well-known, it is a perfectly suitable place to spend a relaxed holiday while also being able to easily travel to more popular areas. There are many small beaches as well as boutique cafes, bars and restaurants in Icmeler where you can spend some time.


Turunc is a very small district with a population of only 1.800 people. The district is right between the sea and dense green forests of Mugla. The most popular place to enjoy the sea in Turunc is Turunc Cove with a blue flag beach. You can also participate in boat tours and travel to Amos Cove, where you can both enjoy the beach and visit the famous Amos Ancient City.



Akyaka is a peaceful little district located around 25 KM north of Marmaris with a population of just above 1.500 in winter, this amount doubles in the summertime. The district has very little nightlife, which keeps crowds away and preserves the serene ambiance. You can participate in many summer sports such as windsurfing, bouldering, canoeing, kitesurfing, and paragliding while enjoying your stay in Akyaka. You can also visit the Azmak River, enjoying the lovely natural beauties of the region as well as have a delicious meal in the restaurants situated next to the river.

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