Over the centuries, the grounds where Turkey stands right now have been inhabited by countless civilizations with various ethnic and cultural backgrounds; this collective heritage has a very distinctive signature on today’s richness of Turkish delicacies.

Istanbul is the greatest melting pot of Turkey’s colourful mosaic of cultures; this is most prominent and delicious when it comes to the art of cuisine. You can find 81 unique dishes from each of the 81 cities that makes Turkey a whole. 

Since Istanbul is also one of the most touristic cities in Turkey, regional and cultural cuisine restaurants are a big business, making the city an ideal choice to try out most, if not all, the delicious tastes that sprouted out of these grounds throughout the time.

Here’s a selection of places that are famous with their delicacies and deserve a visit when you’re in Istanbul.

Van Breakfast House


A true example of the rich Turkish breakfast culture, Van Kahvalti Evi takes its name from the eastern city of Van. Signature mixed breakfast has 5 different and distinctly characteristic cheese kinds, eggs, local jams and marmalades, honey, olives, veggies and local tea, as well as various number of local delicacies such as mutluga, cemen and jaji which you have to experience for a full-blown Turkish breakfast. 

One of the key factors that created the unique Van breakfast culture is that the city grounds are located on the route where the famous Silk Road once passed through, which meant many travellers and traders brought different tastes to Van while passing by.

Van Kahvalti Evi is located in Cihangir, one of the most popular districts in Istanbul with a walking distance to Taksim Square and Istiklal Avenue.

A mixed breakfast in Van Kahvalti Evi is a great way to start your day when you’re in Istanbul.

Aheste Meze House

Aheste is a boutique appetizer house located in Beyoglu. With cold and hot meze selections as well as various main courses, delicious and one-of-a-kind dishes of Aheste is an ideal alternative to enjoy before an afternoon walk in Beyoglu and Istiklal Avenue.

The restaurant is a prime example of how cultural potpourri can create a wonderful experience with recipes from Turkish, Persian, Ottoman, Greek and Armenian origin, enjoyed with slow jazz music. Coincidentally, “Aheste” means “slowly” in Turkish and the reason that the restaurant is named in this way is because these appetizers should be enjoyed slowly, as the owner suggests.

Aheste’s authentic and inventive dishes combine the local cuisine with global tastes to bring out a joyful union.

Karadeniz Doner 

Rated as the best doner kebab of Istanbul in many magazines and food blogs, Karadeniz Doner is a must-have experience if you wish to enjoy one of the most famous street delicacies in Turkey. The unbelievably large kebab starts being cooked in the morning and there is such high demand that it runs out at noon, when the shop also closes. So, you better get there relatively early if you want to try the amazing doner!

Karadeniz Doner is perfect for lunch with a short walking distance to Besiktas coast, where you can take a walk by the Bosporus and enjoy the view.

As one of the most famous street foods of Istanbul, Karadeniz Doner is among the top choices for an authentic and delicious lunch.

Sensus Wine House


Istiklal Avenue starts at Taksim Square and ends at Galata; and in Galata, right under the historically famous Galata Tower: Sensus Wine House. 

Sensus is a wonderful choice for an elegant dinner with live piano music, sophisticated dishes of vegetables, chicken, meat and duck as well as various side dishes. The restaurant offers a wide range of locally made wines that cater to all pallets and budgets. 

The unique taste of Sensus wines stem from the special grapes grown in the dark soils located by the volcanic mountain of Divrit in Manisa city.

Sensus Wine House is a very fine choice to spend a pleasant evening with delicious food and some of the best local wines in Turkey.


Located right on the shoreline of Besiktas district, Feriye offers an excellent dining experience accompanied by the beautiful Bosporus view. The place is also home to concert and theatre venues as well as workshops, offering various fun choices for a well spent evening.

Feriye also hosts periodical charity sales with boutique and local crafts people of Istanbul, where you can find a unique souvenir for yourself or a friend while helping a good cause.

 Feriye is one of the best choices for spending a night by the mesmerizing view of Bosporus and have a delicious dinner.

Aret’in Yeri 

Aret’in Yeri is one of the most acclaimed restaurants when it comes to appetizers, fish and the traditional Turkish drink raki. With recipes both originating from Armenian and Turkish cuisine, the restaurant is full almost every night. Even though it’s now one of the most famous taverns in Istanbul, Aret’in Yeri is a cosy and warm place with friendly staff and regular customers.

Aret’in Yeri means Aret’s Place in Turkish and you can see the owner Aret almost anytime you visit the restaurant, working alongside his employees. There’s even a good chance he will drop by your table for a quick chat!

If you want to experience the famous raki, fish and appetizer culture of Turkey, Aret’in Yeri is a spot-on choice.

Cumhuriyet Meyhanesi 

Cumhuriyet Meyhanesi is a living and breathing piece of history. With more than 100 years of experience, the tavern served as the favourite gathering spot for many musicians, writers, politicians and other well-known personas in Turkish history. All appetizers and courses are prepared with exactly the same recipe as the founding owners served, which takes this dining experience to a whole new dimension. 

Tavern’s name means Republic, which, as the story goes, was coined by the founder of Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. It is said in many sources that Cumhuriyet Meyhanesi was one of Ataturk’s favourite dining places in his time.

Cumhuriyet Meyhanesi brings history and a delicious dining experience together, with age old recipes and a unique ambiance.

Yücetepe Kır Gazinosu 

Located in Buyukada, the largest one of the 9 islands near Istanbul, Yucetepe Kir Gazinosu is almost a place out of fairy tales. Surrounded with trees and wild flowers, the restaurant is situated right next to Aya Yorgi Kilisesi (Church of St. George). You can visit Yucetepe Kir Gazinosu at any time of the day to enjoy grilled delicacies, appetizers and drinks. 

The restaurant is located at the highest point of Buyukada, giving you the best view of the island as well as the surrounding areas.

Visiting the islands is a great way to spend the day in Istanbul and Yucetepe Kir Gazinosu is one of the best choices to stop by for lunch or dinner while enjoying the wonderful view.

Reks Kokorec 

Kokorec is a regional street food made from skewed and grilled small intestines of lamb, and Reks Kokorec is one of the most famous and popular places to taste it. The meat is carefully cleaned and marinated in a mixture of spices to give it a distinctive taste. Kokorec is the favourite go-to food of Turkish people after a night of drinking at pubs, and it is believed to be a cure for the oncoming hangover of the next morning!

Reks Kokorec is located at Karanfil Street in Kadikoy, a very popular street adorned with pubs, clubs and bars. You can drop by Reks Kokorec after a couple of beers with your friends or family to taste the famous kokorec.

Reks Kokorec is open until the early lights of the morning and it’s a great last stop to your bar hopping adventure in Kadikoy’s colourful nightlife.

Sekerci Cafer Erol

Sekerci Cafer Erol is a historical dessert and candy shop that was handed down from one generation to the next since 1807. With over 200 years of experience, the family business is still going on with the enthusiasm and joy of the first day. All candies, desserts and cakes are handmade with family recipes and there are a lot of them, so you may want to drop by Sekerci Cafer Erol more than once to experience all tastes!

The candy shop is located in Kadikoy, where you can take a stroll on Moda shore and sit by the sea to enjoy your candies and desserts.

Sekerci Cafer Erol is a delicious and historical wonderland where you’ll be tempted to try all the candies and desserts!

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6 places to go scuba-diving

As a country covered with waters on three directions, the shores of Turkey have a lot more to offer than beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, resorts and night clubs. Beneath the crystal clear waters of Aegean and gentle waves of lukewarm Mediterranean, lies a different world. One that tells the beauty of a different nature with unique coral beds, the history of a different world with sunken ships and aircrafts from the first world war. 

If you’re a scuba diving enthusiast or want to start a new hobby, Turkey is the perfect place to visit. And here are 6 of the many places you can dive into the mesmerising seas of the region to rediscover your world.


Fethiye – Akvaryum Cove

No matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, you can witness a beautiful variety of natural sea life in Akvaryum Cove. The name of the cove means “aquarium”, which is a very suitable name when the rich variety of sea animals living in the area are considered, as well as the fascinating coral beds. You can see octopuses, sea horses, morays, a large variety of fish and more, even if you’re just a beginner who’s performing shallow training dives.

If you’re visiting Fethiye, you can get in contact with The Exdream Diving Club to learn more about the tours and routes for scuba diving via the below link: https://theexdream.com/fethiye-tuplu-dalis/

Flying Fish – Kas

This one’s for the more experienced divers, but it is possible to book novice dives in the area too. And if you’re planning to stay long and do multiple dives, you can reach the level of diving deeper in order to experience the spot in-depth, no pun intended. There is a great variety of fishes in all sizes as well as a sunken Italian scout aeroplane from 2nd world war in 65-meter depth.

You can contact Subaqua Diving Club for more information on the region’s diving activities by clicking the link below: https://www.subaquadive.com/tr/FLyingfish-dalis-noktasi-kas-Turkiye/

Cesme – Fener Island

Fener Island is an ideal spot for beginners with a depth of 18 meters while having enough underwater activity and richness to provide a great time for experienced divers as well. The area is home to small fish hordes, which means if you’re diving at the right time of the day, hundreds of small fishes will be accompanying you in your discovery of corals and the colourful seabed. There are also old seal caverns in the area, which means if you’re lucky, you may get to swim with seals.

If you’re planning to visit Cesme and are interested in diving at Fener Island, you can visit the below page for detailed info and offers: https://www.subaquadive.com/tr/FLyingfish-dalis-noktasi-kas-Turkiye/

Bodrum – Delikli Magara

The unique semi-cavern formations in Delikli Magara present a beautiful experience with the seeping sunrays and colourful coral walls. With a depth of only 15 meters, the area is amateur-friendly yet enjoyable for all divers. You can witness a variety of sea life while wondering in the depths of Delikli Magara area. 

If you’ll be spending your holiday in Bodrum and want to dive into a spot with a mesmerising view, you can check Delikli Magara by clicking the below link for details: http://www.blueescapediving.com/tr/bodrum-dalis-noktalari/delikli-magara-bodrum

Sakarya Batigi – Kas

One of the most famous diving spots in Turkey, Sakarya Batigi is the home of a massive British cargo ship that went under, over 90 years ago. The best part of this diving spot is the fact that the sunken ship starts at a 15-meter depth and goes as down as 60 meters deep. This means both the beginner level divers and experienced enthusiasts can enjoy the area to its fullest. 

If you’re visiting Kas and want to learn more about diving at Sakarya Batigi, you can click the below link for further info: https://www.gurudive.com

Ayvalik – Deli Mehmet Underwater Islands

There are two underwater islands called Deli Mehmet in Ayvalik waters. Deli Mehmet 1 is ideal for beginner to intermediate divers with a depth going from 18 meters to 70 meters. Deli Mehmet 2 is for experienced and master divers with a depth of 27 to 70 meters. Both areas contain a large amount of sea flora as well as fish and other sea creatures. If you’re planning to dive for multiple days, the area provides a perfect incentive to make you push for more and advance in your divers rank as fast as possible.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most convenient transport between different diving points when in Turkey?

Booking from a private transfer company would be the most comfortable way to travel across diving spots and see all attractions. You can also book a private tour from the Tours section of our website and customise it according to your route. This will allow you to travel with ease, following the most convenient route between attractions.

How can I reach to my diving destination from the airport I arrive Turkey at?

Since there is no direct shuttle fro most airports to small towns, you can either take a taxi or use private transfer service. You can find details about the journey options in our airport's page, where you can pick your arrival airport or the destination you want to go to, and see more options.

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Istanbul has various districts with an amazingly active nightlife and places with great food and drinks to spend your evening. One of the most popular districts when it comes to having a fun night out is Kadikoy. Kadikoy is home to countless concept bars, pubs, restaurants where you can have a calm and relaxing evening over a couple of drinks or have crazy fun until the early lights of morning.

Here are 6 of the great places to check out when you’re in Kadikoy:

The Harp Irish Pub

The Harp Irish Pub

Harp is a prime example of the Irish pub culture in Kadikoy, though various Irish pubs are located in the district, Harp has all the essential marks of a real Irish pub. You can play darts and pool, enjoy the Irish folk music and sit at the island bar outside, watching sports games while having a drink. On top of it, the waiters are very friendly, helpful and professional.

Another upside of The Harp is how close it is to the ferry and subway stations.

Viktor Levi Wine House

Originally a grape farmer, Viktor Levi was a grape trader from Gallipoli. When he found out the immense demand for wine in Istanbul back in the early 1900s, he started to focus on the wine trade. Yet, the wine resellers in Istanbul were not fair in their willing prices, which drove Levi to open his own wine house in the city. The wine house offers delicious and exquisite dishes along with their own wines of different tastes. The restaurant is budget-friendly and has a great atmosphere. 

You can visit the below page in order to get details on Viktor Levi Wine House and book a table:https://www.viktorlevimoda.com


Koço is a trademark of Kadikoy since 1928. The traditional raki house has a rich menu with hot and cold side dishes and a range of delicious main courses. Situated right by the Moda shore, the restaurant also has one of the most beautiful views in Kadikoy. 

You can visit Koço’s webpage if you’d like to enjoy raki along with a mesmerising view and wonderful dishes: http://kocorestaurant.net/www/default.asp

Moda Kayikhane Event Hall

Though the name suggests an event hall, Kayikhane is much more than that. There’s a pub section, a large event hall for concerts and a restaurant section right by the water which serves traditional raki along with side dishes and main courses. Kayikhane is a place you can spend your whole night by starting with a lovely meal by the sea, moving onto the pub for a couple of drinks and follow up with a night of dance in the event section.

Zincir Rock Bar

Zincir is one of the oldest rock bars in Kadikoy. It is an old school pub with a dark atmosphere, playing rock and metal music all day. It is not a tourist spot per se, yet if you wish to experience the rock bar culture in Turkey stemming from ’80s, Zincir is a must-see.

Dorock XL

Dorock XL is the place you go when all other pubs and bars are making their last call and you feel like the night is still young. The event hall has live music until at least 4 in the morning and the bar section doesn’t close up until 6. So if you want to have an unforgettable night, Dornock XL can be the place you make those memories.

If you want to know more about Dorock XL and see the concert schedules, you can check the below link: http://www.dorockxl.com

Frequently asked questions

What is the most convenient transport within Istanbul to see different places in Kadikoy and rest of the attractions?

Booking from a private transfer company would be the most comfortable way to travel within Kadikoy and see all attractions. You can also book one of the private tours: Full-Day Sightseeing, Half-Day Sightseeing and Sightseeing at Night in Istanbul, which will allow you to travel with ease, let you pick your own destinations and follow the most convenient route between attractions.

What airport would be the best to see the Kadikoy bars, cafes, restaurants and other attractions?

While Kadikoy is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and the closest airport is Sabiha Gokcen Airport, you can easily reach them from Istanbul Airport by using a private transfer service.

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6 best street foods to experience in Istanbul

Putting together the words “Turkey” and “street food” naturally draws a delicious picture of Turkish Kebab in the minds of most foreigners. However Turkish street food consists of various unique recipes and Istanbul, being the multicultural hub of Turkey has the very best selection. While the food is almost always delicious, it’s best to do a bit of research in order to have a great experience.

Here are the 6 street food spots that you must try when you’re in Istanbul:

Fish Sandwich in Karakoy

Walking in this seaside district offers a great view accompanied by one of the largest fish markets in Istanbul. While you can shop for different types of fresh fish to cook, you will inevitably catch the delicious smell of grilled fish. As the fisherman of Karakoy knows how to cast a line they sure know how to spice and cook. Also having some great fish restaurants, these on-the-corner grilled fish sandwich stands are definitely a must-eat.

Kumpir in Besiktas

Kumpir is a traditional Turkish fast food whose recipe can consist of basically whatever you wish. Kumpir is made by baking potatoes in the oven and stuffing them with butter, cheese, and any extra ingredient you like. The most commonly used ingredients are sausage, corn, olives, mayo, and ketchup, but usually, there is a very large variety of ingredients from seafood to rice or pasta and you can add any of them into your custom kumpir. If you’re visiting Besiktas, you can find various kumpir places in the Carsi streets.

Kokorec in Beyoglu

Kokorec is a guilty pleasure for most Turks, as the main ingredient is lamb intestines on skew with special seasoning on the grill. Though intestines are cleaned thoroughly and don’t cause any health problems, the stance on the actual safety of the food is constantly questioned. One thing that is not questioned by anybody though, is the sizzling flavour of kokorec.

One of the most famous kokorec places in Istanbul is Sampiyon Kokorec, whose website you can find in the below link: http://www.sampiyonkokorec.com.tr

Turkish bagel (simit) and tea in the ferry ride

This is an iconic Istanbul classic, mentioned in many romantic songs, movies, and TV shows. Deliciously fresh tea and Turkish bagels are sold in all ferry rides in Istanbul and the passengers love to enjoy it along with the beautiful Bosporus view. Another classic activity while doing this is to feed the seagulls with some of your bagels, it’s especially fun to watch them catch the bagels you throw mid-air.

Rice with chickpea and chicken in Unkapani

This is another classic Turkish street food with a budget-friendly price. Usually consumed after a night out with friends, the best beverage to accompany the rice with chickpea and chicken is the traditional Turkish drink ayran. Just bear in mind you may get carried away by the flavours and eat more than you can handle, which may invite an upset stomach. This is also a good option if you’re a vegetarian as it comes without meat.

Here’s one of the most famous rice shops in Istanbul where you can enjoy various rice-based dishes:http://tarihiunkapanipilavcisi.com

Stuffed Mussels in Kadikoy

This is arguably the most popular and most consumed street food in Turkey. You can find it on almost any street where there’s a bar, sold on trays that the sellers uniquely carry on their heads. Called “midye” in Turkish, it is enjoyed with a squeeze of lemon and best accompanied with an ice-cold beer.

Frequently asked questions on street food

What is the most convenient transport within Istanbul to taste various different street foods?

Booking from a private transfer company would be the most comfortable way to travel to Istanbul and enjoy all kinds of street foods. You can also book one of the private tours: Full-Day Sightseeing, Half-Day Sightseeing and Sightseeing at Night in Istanbul, which will allow you to travel with ease, let you pick your own destinations and follow the most convenient route between your locations of interest.

What airport would be the best to travel from when it comes to visiting all street food locations and other attractions?

Since various street foods can be found in almost any district in Istanbul, you can choose either Sabiha Gokcen Airport or Istanbul Airport, and use a private transfer service to get around the city in the most comfortable and reliable manner.

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A beauty beyond time: Bodrum

Bodrum is one of the first places to come to mind when you say summer holiday in Turkey. Both locally and internationally, the district is famous for its natural beauties as well as a rich variety of historical sites and structures. Besides the never-ending nightlife and entertainment in Bodrum, there are countless places to visit and various fun activities to enjoy in and around the district.

Here’s a list of places you can visit and have an unforgettable experience the next time you visit Bodrum.

Bodrum Castle 

The castle of Bodrum was originally built by the Knights Hospitaller, also known as the Knights of St. Jean, in the year 1522. The castle was originally considered as a stronghold against the rapidly-strengthening Ottoman forces, and the 5 towers of the structure were the primary points of defense. 

After the inevitable siege of the castle, a mosque was added to the structure by the order of Suleyman the Magnificent.

Halicarnassus Mausoleum 

Listed as one of the 7 wonders of the world, Halicarnassus Mausoleum was built between the years of 353 and 350 BC. With a height of 45 meters and various reliefs that depict contemporary battles on its surfaces, the structure was an excellent example of Hellenistic architecture with a touch of Lycian influences.

The Halicarnassus Mausoleum was built for King Mausolus by the order of Artemisia, his sister-wife.

Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology 

Located inside the Bodrum Castle, the museum is considered one of the most important and extensive maritime museums in the world. The museum contains underwater findings from various ages, collected from the seabed of the region throughout modern times. 

Some of the items exhibited in the museum go back as far as 3.500 years.

Bitez Beach 

Bitez is one of the most well-known beaches in Bodrum vicinity. Since the beach is in 8 km distance to Bodrum, it is not overly crowded, but it is still a very popular place where you can have a wonderful time. The beautiful, green landscape surrounding Bitez Beach, coupled with the crystal-clear waters of the sea, is a sight you can enjoy throughout the day. 

The mesmerising view of Bitez is told in many songs of Turkish folklore as well as popular culture hits.

Myndos Gate 

Myndos Gate is also known as the gate to Halicarnassus City. The gate is believed to be built by the order of King Mausolus himself in order to protect the city against the coming attacks of Alexander the Great around 4th century BC. 

There are also sites that contain ancient Turkish tombs as well as Hellenistic and Roman ones that you can visit around the Myndos Gate vicinity.

Bodrum Maritime Museum 

Bodrum Maritime Museum presents travel through the time of nautical endeavours made by the fishermen of Bodrum with boats and fishing equipment through ages. Among the exhibited items are important documents of Bodrum fishing history throughout the years as well as detailed information and demonstrations on various objects related to the field.

The museum also hosts various seminars and events throughout the year where internationally acclaimed experts visit to give lectures and presentations.

Pedasa Ancient City 

Pedasa Ancient City is probably known as the most ancient of cities in the region, as well as being the most well-preserved one considering its age. The city was built almost 3.500 years ago and the city walls, castles, small residential structures, and temples are still standing to this day. 

Many archaeological projects and excavations are still going on in the ancient city, leading to new findings every year.

Rabbit Island 

Dividing the famous Gumusluk village in a majestic fashion is the Rabbit Island, with beaches on one side of it and the harbor on the other. Rabbit Island was built by the order of the King Mausolus to spend time with his partner, Artemisia, contemplating the future and feeding the rabbits, which the island is named after. Rabbit Island has one of the most mesmerising and beautiful views in the Bodrum landscape.

The island is reached by a sunken platform inside the sea, creating the illusion that you are walking on water when the tide is at the right level.

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Cappadocia is one of the few and unique places that can attract the interest of almost everyone, whether you’re a history nerd or an extreme sports enthusiast, an aspiring artist or a spiritual yogi. The fairy tale land of Cappadocia is full of one-of-a-kind sites to see and activities to do, you can spend all your day in the area and still have lots of places you didn’t visit. 

Here are a few of these places and activities that makes Cappadocia the magical place it is.

Visit the underground cities

Cappadocia is famous for its large underground cities. It is assumed that he constant raiding and invasion attempts forced townspeople to create an underground city that they can retreat back to in times of distress. Some other studies also suggest that it was a means of protection against harsh weather conditions in the area. Though 36 of these small cities have been found, it is assumed that there are many more, maybe even in hundreds. Almost all surface structures have a secret passage into the underground tunnels, which connect to each other and create a city. The layout is impressively sophisticated when you consider the fact that these underground cities were created well before hundreds of years before BC. 

The cities contain not just shelter and homes to people, but public houses, courts, bath houses and more. You can visit and go inside the underground tunnels and take a journey through time into an almost alternate reality.

Participate in a pottery workshop in Avanos

One of the most prominent cultural heritages of the Cappadocian people throughout the settlement’s history was the various pottery works in different fashions. Since the Hittites, the pottery has been a devotion for the people of this town. The tradition has been carried on to this day with various pottery workshops in the area that are loyal to the historical design elements of these lands. 

Visitors can attend to both viewing of the production of these pottery works as well as participate themselves, taking a quick lesson in the workshop before moving onto creating their own pottery works as a souvenir. Masters of pottery in the region are very experienced in teaching tourists and guarantee a fun time. One of the best places to enjoy a potter workshop and see the wonderful artworks that can be purchased as a souvenir is Guray Ceramics.

Ride ATV’s in Goreme

Besides bike routes, horseback safaris and trekking paths, there’s also a more adrenaline filled option to travel through the plains of Cappadocia. If you’re feeling adventurous, ATV ride will be a perfect way to take in the scenery while having a fun and exciting time with your friends. You can check Ozcappadocia for details on detailed info about ATV tours. 

Salute the sun in a unique view

Cappadocia is a favourite spot of yoga retreats. In summer season, you can almost always see various yoga groups when the dawn is breaking, practicing their inner peace against the mesmerising landscape and the rising sun. If you’re a yoga enthusiast, all you need to do is take your mat and join them, and as all yoga groups do, they will most definitely welcome you with arms wide open.

Winery tour and tasting

Cappadocia, thanks to its volcanic ground and earth, is a very suitable area for wine making. Many of the prominent and exquisite wine brands of Turkey are using the grapes of the area. There are also many wineries in Cappadocia, which offer tours where you can see how the wines are made in step by step fashion. Afterwards, you can enjoy a delicious glass of local wine. Wine production in Cappadocia is believed to be dating back at least 6.000 years.

Take a hot air balloon tour

If you know just one thing about Cappadocia, chances are high that it’s the hot air balloon tours. The unique landscape with hundreds of balloons adorning the sky is a very well-known sight seen in several travel blogs, magazines and websites. While a bit costly, balloon tour is a once in a lifetime experience with a chance to behold the beauty of the town in the most unique perspective possible. Voyager Balloons is a fairly experienced balloon ride company that you can take a look at to get more details.

Visit the Fairy Chimneys

The second most well-known and unique landmark that Cappadocia offers are surely the Fairy Chimneys. Fairy Chimneys are unique formations of tuff, shaped by the weather conditions and wind throughout ages. An improbable string of combinations throughout centuries, consisting of floods, volcanic activities and harsh weather conditions created the Fairy Chimneys. It is said that nature felt particularly artistic one day, and Cappadocia was the only canvas it could find, hence the Fairy Chimneys.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most convenient transport between attractions in Cappadocia?

Booking from a private transfer company would be the most comfortable way to travel within Cappadocia and see all attractions. You can also book a Private Cappadocia Tour which will allow you to travel with ease, following the most convenient route between attractions.

Which airport is the closest to Cappadocia?

While Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport is the closest to Cappadocia, it is much easier to find direct flights from various cities in Turkey to Kayseri Airport.

How can I reach Cappadocia from Kayseri Airport?

Since there is no direct shuttle from Kayseri Airport to Cappadocia, you can either take a taxi or use private transfer service. You can find details about the journey options on our How to Get from Kayseri Airport to Cappadocia page.

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6 places to see in Didim,Turkey

Didim is a small town in Aydin with an unexpectedly rich historical background as well as a lot of natural beauties to see. If you’re planning to spend your holiday in Didim, you can enjoy the ancient cities and historical structures while also visiting the many beaches and coves in the area.

Here are 6 places that we’ve put together for you to see in Didim:

Miletus Ancient Theatre

Miletus was the most advanced Greek city until 500 BC, serving as a trade outlet to products streaming from inner Anatolia. The Persian invasion in 494 BC changed the city’s status and led to the annihilation of the city, which was rebuilt as a shelter-city for Persian forces who were fighting against Alexander the Great at the time.

While the city was home to many different nations and civilisations throughout the time, according to the excavation findings and archaeological research, it is assumed that Miletus was a place of habitation for people as early as 3500 B.C. The theatre of Miletus was built in the Hellenistic era and it was renovated by the Roman Empire, the capacity of which was increased from 5.000 people to 20.000 people.

Altinkum Beach

Altinkum is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Turkey with a Blue Flag status that signifies the clean and swimmable waters. The immediate region Altinkum’s located in has a ton of options when it comes to restaurants, bars, cafes and night clubs. One of the most favoured restaurants in Altinkum is My Eden Restaurant Didim with fresh and delicious cuisine as well as a beautiful sea view. There’s a lot of European and Russian travellers in Altinkum during summertime, as well as Turkish visitors. 

Apollo Temple

As the third-largest temple of the world in Ionic fashion, Apollo Temple is accepted to be one of the most well-preserved ancient temples. The temple acted as a centre for prophecies and was considered to be a place of higher sanctity by the common people when compared to regular temples. Following the destruction of Miletus, the temple was fortified for possible invasions and thanks to this precaution it was spared, but only to meet its demise at the end of 15th century, when a great earthquake destroyed almost everything, except three pillars.

You can also see and take a photo with the large and imposing sculpture of Medusa at the temple’s entrance, which was believed to provide protection against enemies and friends.

Sapli Island

A symbol of Didim, Sapli Island has a unique shape that resembles a Turkish coffee pot. Since the island is located close to the shore and the sea is relatively shallow in between, you can practically walk on the water to reach the island when the tide is low. Adding the beautiful view, this makes for a great experience. The waters are almost always cool in Sapli Island beach, making it perfect for hot summer days.

Priene Ancient City

One of the 12 Ionic cities, Priene was built in the 4th century B.C. and is considered to be the pioneer for a planned city structure. The grid-scheme of the city’s layout was designed by whom the archaeologists believe was also the architect of Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. The city was very-well preserved considering its age, especially since most of the structures in the city centre still stand, including a gymnasium, a stadium, the Temple of Athena, a public house, an assembly hall, and a theatre.

It is assumed that Priene was originally located by the sea but is now inland due to the changes in geology throughout the ages.

Manastir Beach

Staying true to the meaning of its name, which means “Monastery” in Turkish, Manastir Beach may be the calmest and most relaxing beach you can find in the region. The atmosphere is soothing year-round, without loud music or being overcrowded, which makes for a great spot if you want to leave the business of daily life behind and just chill out, enjoy the view, read a book and get a tan.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most convenient transport between attractions in Didim?

Booking from a private transfer company would be the most comfortable way to travel within Didim and see all attractions. You can also book a Private Full-Day Didim Tour which will allow you to travel with ease, following the most convenient route between attractions.

Which airport is the closest to Didim

Bodrum Airport is the closest airport to Didim, followed by Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport and Mugla Airport.

How can I reach Didim from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport?

Since there is no direct shuttle from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport to Didim, you can either take a taxi or use private transfer service. You can find details about the journey options in our How to Get from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport to Didim page.

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6 cafés in Istanbul with creative concepts

Being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Turkey, Istanbul is filled with cultural variety when it comes to the service industry. One of the most prominent examples of such establishments is the various concept cafés in the city with a range that extends from cosy to borderline kitsch. While some of them are inspired by local elements, others are based on more global concepts, but all of them are offering a unique experience and a strong atmosphere.

Here are 6 of these concepts cafés in Istanbul that we think would be totally worth your while to visit.

Café Naftalin K.


First on the list is a place that will take you back in time. An extension of a very old antique and vintage shop in Balat called Naftalin Antique Shop, Naftalin K. is situated right across the street with the same design elements that would make an antique shop magical. All decorations, as well as furniture, are vintage and antique. The name Naftalin itself means mothball, which is used to protect antiques. The cosy café is home to many cats, fed by the lovely couple who own the place. The “K.” in the café’s name comes from various Turkish words that the owners hold dear to and coincidentally starts with a K, such as kedi, kitap, kahve, Kafka (cat, book, coffee, Kafka respectively).

Walter’s Coffee Roastery

Walter’s Coffee Roastery

Here’s a prime example of a concept café with an original and global idea: this coffee shop is based on the famous TV series Breaking Bad. The whole place is adorned with conceptual elements from the hit show, with a brewery space that looks like a chemistry lab, baristas with iconic yellow protective lab suits from the show, and test tubes instead of coffee mugs. 

You can get a detailed view and info about Walter’s Coffee Roastery by clicking the below link:https://walterscoffee.com/

Minoa Books & Coffee

Minoa Books & Coffee

A place out of fantastic novels, Minoa is covered with books all around on its multiple floors. The coffee shop is filled with both new and old books of all genres, as well as comic books. You can enjoy your coffee while reading different books and choosing your favourites to purchase; it is worth noting that there are many books in English and other languages also.

You can check the details of Minoa Books & Coffee via the below link: https://minoa.com/en/

Mendel’s Café & Chocolatier

Mendel’s has a very unique and heartwarming story. Coming from a long line of dessert chefs, cousins Atahan and Emre are from the south-eastern town Mardin. One day, while going through their grandfather’s recipe book, they find a photograph of their grandfather alongside a foreigner, the photo is signed: “to my friend. Mendel”. Taking this souvenir and sentiment to the heart, they create Mendel’s Café & Chocolatier with their family recipes. The cosy coffee shop is a wonderful place to enjoy some unique chocolate desserts and delicious coffee.

You can check Mendel’s Café & Chocolatier and find out more about it by clicking the below link: https://mendels.com.tr



POW! is heaven for comic book enthusiasts. Mainly a comic book and action figure shop with an extensive range of products that includes books in multiple languages, the place also has a bakery and coffee shop. You can have a wonderful time while reading comics and enjoying the delicacies if you’re a fan of the comics world.

You can visit POW!’s website to see their inventory as well as other detailed info about the shop: https://shop.pow.com.tr/

Living Karma Café & Juice Bar

Living Karma Café & Juice Bar

As a healthy food and beverage focused concept café, Living Karma serves delicacies with all-natural ingredients as well as unique juice mixes. So much so that they grow their own vegetables in the garden and exclusively use them to make various fresh drinks and food. There’s also a shopping section in the café with unique accessories and ornaments that go along with the nature concept.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most convenient transport within Istanbul to see all coffee shops and rest of the attractions?

Booking from a private transfer company would be the most comfortable way to travel within Istanbul and see all attractions. You can also book one of the private tours: Full-Day Sightseeing, Half-Day Sightseeing, and Sightseeing at Night in Istanbul, which will allow you to travel with ease, let you pick your own destinations, and follow the most convenient route between attractions.

What airport would be the best to see the coffee shops and attractions?

While most of these coffee shops are on the European side of Istanbul and the closest airport is Istanbul Airport, you can easily reach them from Sabiha Gokcen Airport by using a private transfer service.

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Thankfully, the precautions against Covid-19 pandemic is starting to show a drastic improvement on the spread of the virus globally. Along with these positive developments, airlines are starting their activities again and the popular summer destinations for travellers are back open.

Even though hotels and holiday residences are reopening and many people are starting to plan their holidays, it may not be the best option to visit an overly populated hotel or a crowded coastal city centre with visitors from all around the world. An alternative option can be to find smaller towns with fewer people and visitors, which would reduce the risk of exposing you and your loved ones to the virus while taking a much-needed leisure time.

Antalya, for example, is a very popular place for travellers every summer. But did you know there are also various small towns around Antalya with lovely beaches and small inns as well as budget-friendly rental houses? This can be the ideal option to have a safe and relaxing holiday plan if you wish to stay away from populated areas and hotels.

Here is a selection of small coastal towns around Antalya that you can visit to have a peaceful time on your holiday.


Adrasan is a small village with a population of 2.500 people, situated right by the coast and within 95 kms distance from Antalya city centre. The village has a small and beautiful cove and local cafes as well as pubs and restaurants. Adrasan is located on the path of famous Lycian Trail, which makes visiting landmarks such as Gelidonya Lantern and Olympos very convenient.



Ucagiz is another beautiful and secluded village near Antalya with a population of only 450 people. The village is considerably far from Antalya with around 195 km distance but makes it up with its close distance to the popular holiday spot Kas. So if you want to socialise for a night or enjoy water sports such as windsurfing and scuba diving, you can easily visit Kas while staying in Ucagiz


Kalkan is a more well-known choice compared to the previous 2 options. While the town has a population of just 3.500 people, it is a very popular spot for both local and international tourists. There are many beach options in the town as well as many hotels, pubs, cafes and restaurants. You can also participate in boat tours and water sports such as scuba diving. If you wish to avoid extremely crowded holiday centres such as Bodrum but also want to have a lot of activity options, Kalkan can be the ideal option.

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The pearl of aegean Izmir

Izmir, originally named Smyrna by ancient Greek civilisations, is one of the oldest settlements in the region. While the city has over 3,000 years of urban history, there is evidence of human habitancy in the area as far back as 8,500 years. Izmir has been a trade center throughout history due to being an important port city which also contributed to the city’s rich cultural background and vast diversity.

There are countless places to see and enjoy in and around the city of Izmir and here is a selection of must-see places we’ve picked for you:

Historical Kemeralti Bazaar

kemeraltı bazaar

Kemeralti is one of the oldest bazaars in the world with a history of over 2,400 years. Once used in trade transfers for products brought over from eastern countries through the Silk Road, the great bazaar is still a mesmerising plethora of different products. You can find spices, jewelry, clothes and fabric and much more in the lively market. You can also enjoy a delicious Turkish coffee in one of the boutique cafes.

A walk at the historical Kemeralti Bazaar is a wonderful opportunity to experience both the historical feel of Izmir and the local shopping culture of its people with chatty artisans and tradesman who love to haggle.

Izmir Kordon

izmir kordon

Kordon is the most famous coastline of Izmir and perhaps the whole of Turkey. The vast green grass laid right next to the sea is enjoyably crowded by the people of Izmir throughout the year and especially during the summer. People play games, drink, and chat while lying on the grass and enjoying the view. A rich choice of cafes, bars, and restaurants adorn the avenue right next to the Kordon.

Kordon is a traditional social gathering spot for people of all ages and cultures in Izmir.

Izmir Clock Tower

izmir clock tower

The clock tower is one of the main tourist attractions and a symbol of the city. The tower was built by the order of the Izmir governor as a courtesy and congratulation to Sultan Abdulhamid the second and his 25th year on the throne. The walls of the clock tower are adorned with the period’s ornaments and relics. The clocks on the tower were a gift to the city of Izmir from German Emperor Wilhelm the second.

The clocks of the famous tower have been running since 1901 when the structure was built.



Translating into “Velvet Castle”, Kadifekale is one of the oldest structures in the city. The castle was called Pagos by the Greeks in older times and has a panoramic view of the Izmir coast as well as the city. Kadifekale also has several restaurants and cafes in its vicinity, creating a perfect opportunity to enjoy the amazing cityscape of Izmir while drinking tea or enjoying local delicacies.

Legend has it that the castle was built by the order of Alexander the Great after he saw a dream in which an oracle told him to build a city at this spot.

Izmir Wildlife Park

izmir wildlife park

With an enormous space of 425,000 square meters, Izmir Wildlife Park carries on the mission of creating a natural settlement for the animals while allowing people to observe them and get to know about nature. All animals roam freely in their designated areas without any cages and the visitors can witness their daily routine and behavior from a safe distance. The park also has a beautiful lake and a peaceful green pasture for visitors to have a picnic and enjoy nature.

The Wildlife Park is home to over 120 animal species; including tigers, lions, crocodiles, hippos, hyenas and many more.

Izmir Cable Car

izmir cable car

One of the most popular tourist attractions and a wonderful opportunity to see Izmir’s cityscape with all its beauty, the Cable Car takes around 3 minutes to complete its ride and reach the top. Once you’re at the top, you can use the binoculars situated on the observation terraces to enjoy the view to its fullest. There are also small cafes and breakfast shops at the top, but the most popular place is the barbecue venue. You choose the meat and the garnishes you’d like to have and the restaurant provides an already lit barbecue for you to cook your meat and enjoy it while watching the landscape.

Izmir Cable Car travels to a total height of 316 meters with an 810-meter route length.

The Historical Lift

izmir historical lift

Until the year 1907, the two avenues called Mithatpasa and Sehit Nahitbey had a height difference of 58 meters, and people who wanted to cross from one avenue to the other had to go through a stair of 155 steps. As the story goes, a member of one of the rich Jewish families broke his ankle climbing these stairs, which resulted in the investment by Neslim Levi, an important businessman of the time, for the construction of the historical lift. The lift was originally designed by French engineers to work with hydraulics, before the electricity was used.

Neslim Levi is the great grandfather of the best-selling French author, Mario Levi.

Kizlaragasi Inn

kızlaragasi inn

The Kizlaragasi Inn is located in the Kemeralti Bazaar. According to historical data, the famous Kizlaragasi Inn was built in 1743. Being the largest inn of its time, Kizlaragasi is believed to be popularly used by the tradesmen and artisans that arrived at the Izmir harbor. The Inn is now used as a part of the bazaar, with various shops decorating its yard.

When you visit, you can see the chambers used by the visitors and inn’s employees as well as the vast storage facilities.

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