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Staying Home and Staying Active

A break from the fast-paced tempo of daily life

Without a doubt, the recent pandemic has changed our way of living drastically, and the lockdown is a great part of this. Although we all miss the life before Covid-19, this is also a very good opportunity to reflect on how consuming daily life could look like. In normal times, we have places to be, people to see and everyday chores. Commuting at work or school takes up most of our time whilst the rest of the day is spent on resting and getting ready for the tasks of the next day.
Staying home during the pandemic can create an ideal environment to make some time for yourself. And staying home doesn’t have to mean that you stay inactive.

Staying home can be the perfect opportunity to stay active

Even though most of us want to exercise regularly, we generally find it very difficult to squeeze a little workout into our daily routine. But now, since you don’t have anywhere to go, you have much more free time to spend on the exercises you wanted to do for a long time.
Taking a negative thing and turning it into something useful, these trying times can be a perfect opportunity for you to incorporate an exercise routine into your life, which will make it easier to maintain and keep working out once the pandemic is over.
Of course, staying active is not just about exercising; there’s a ton of things you can do in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle while having fun. One of which is, to take up online dancing classes. There are countless YouTube channels with tutorials for all dance styles. We gathered some of these tutorials for you, so that you can bust your new moves and wow people when the pandemic is over, including when you are at your favourite club once again, having fun with your friends.


Shuffling is a very dynamic dance with a lot of impressive footwork. It’s easier to learn than it looks and visually very fun and interesting!


Salsa is one of the classics that you can learn solo, with a lot of full body movements and flow. It’s a great way to get your body moving and increase your flexibility as well as your sense of rhythm.


Bachata is a very passionate Latin dance with exotic movement patterns. It is an ideal dance to learn with your partner during the lockdown, with different choreographies ranging from social dancing to intimate.



Waltz is a very elegant dance to learn with your partner. It is a great dance to have under your belt for special occasions such as weddings and a relatively easy one to learn.

Practice makes perfect!

Learning the moves is just the beginning, since what makes a dance look great is the time spent practicing. Make sure to practice daily to improve your skills and you will be the centre of attention when the social distancing is over, and the dance music starts playing!

#StayHome #StayActive

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Fat Taxi’s Take on COVID-19 Crisis

Coronavirus is an infectious disease that causes upper and lower respiratory illness. While most people experience the disease in an asymptomatic or mild manner, a considerable portion of the population suffer from moderate to severe effects. Especially the elderly and people with chronic diseases are more vulnerable to the adverse effects of the disease.

The impact of Coronavirus on our daily life and the travel industry

As many of us have experienced, coronavirus practically halted the life as we know it. Advised by health authorities throughout the world, it is best to stay home as much as we can and avoid human contact.
The virus is transferred primarily through saliva droplets, which makes the use of face masks and keeping a distance, essential precautions.
Since the virus can survive for long periods on surfaces, the same cautions apply for objects that are exposed to public use, which includes means of transportation. While most domestic and international flights are cancelled worldwide, people still need to travel around for several reasons.

Your well-being is our primary drive

We are keeping a close watch on decisions and regulations made by the government of Turkey as well as the Ministry of Health. In compliance to these regulations, we have taken a number of actions ensure utmost safety for our clients and the general public:
– We disinfect each of our vehicles before and after every new journey

– All Fat Taxi drivers are equipped with face masks, protective gloves and have gone through COVID-19 social distancing training

– We conduct our transfers with respect to the social distancing regulations, lowering all our vehicle passenger capacities by half so that proper distancing inside the vehicle can be achieved. We also provide masks as well as hand sanitisers for our clients and ask them to take extra caution on not sitting too close to each other.

– We understand that plans and schedules can change unexpectedly in these trying times. We offer extra flexibility on booking changes and cancellations in order to give you ease of mind. You can get a full refund on your transfer up to 6 hours prior to your travel. And if you need to cancel in the last minute, we provide a giftable voucher that can be used for any future travel.

– We know how regular means of transportation such as yellow taxis and buses are not preferable options for inner-city travel due to the current situation, which is why we also provide a 30% additional discount until the end of September 2020. While travelling between cities is not currently allowed in Turkey, we also plan on extending this offer to travels between cities once the precautionary ban is lifted.

We hope to leave these stressful days behind, soon. We also believe that staying positive and happy is essential during this period. Which is why we decided to publish a series of useful tips and suggestions on how to stay active throughout the isolation.

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