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The isolation and lockdown period have been especially hard on us during summertime. If it was rainy and cold outside all the time, everyone would’ve been much more comfortable with being confined to their homes most of the day. But with the sun shining and the birds singing in the streets, staying indoors becomes a struggle.

As we all follow with intent eyes through social and traditional media outlets, the Covid-19 pandemic is coming to a slow regress. Lockdowns are being lifted in many countries and social gathering places such as malls, restaurants and pubs are starting to open up again. There are also talks on flights to-and-from international destinations becoming active once more, which may mean the summer might not be completely lost. If everything goes well, we can take that very much needed holiday we’ve all been craving for.

Finding the right place to go

Even if everything goes perfectly well, we still have to be very cautious for the sake of ourselves and the other members of our community while taking a holiday. Following the necessary social distancing rules is very important during this period.

As the hotels will mostly be functioning with half capacity to protect the visitors, it may not be as easy to find a place to stay. Not to mention the risk of coming in contact with Covid-19 since hotels are inevitably places where we have to cohabit with people.

Another and maybe safer option could be to rent a house or stay at a smaller, boutique hotel in a more secluded region to avoid overcrowded streets. This can also be a nice way to get away from all the craziness of the world with everything Covid-19 brought and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

We gathered a selection of recommended places where you can take a vacation without exposing yourself to crowds. Here are some alternative, secluded, less populated holiday spots near Istanbul to spend some of your summer days in peace:



Surrounded by dense, green forests and situated right next to the coast of Black Sea, Sile is a small town in northeast of Istanbul. The town is known for its boutique hotels, small coffee shops, fish restaurants, small beaches and coves. If you’re looking for a peaceful small town to spend your summer days, Sile can be a wonderful option. Sile has a population of around 30.000 people, but the seaside town is almost never crowded and provides a peaceful environment.


Polonezkoy is a peaceful heaven inside the crowded and sleepless city of Istanbul. Surrounded by the forests of Alemdag in the Beykoz region, Polonezkoy is a calm place with small hotels and bungalow houses. There are also many traditional breakfast places and barbecue restaurants in the vast green of the forest, where you can safely enjoy your time and meals in the fresh air. Polonezkoy is a very small place with less than 1.000 residents.


Located in northeast of Istanbul, Riva is a coastal town with less than 2.000 residents. The town is very small and serene. There are a few sightseeing places such as Castle Riva, as well as beaches, cafes and fish restaurants. You can find a neat little house for rent or stay at one of the boutique hotels and spend your holiday in peace and quiet.

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