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What is Fat Taxi?

Fat Taxi is a service that works with drivers to offer top-class customer service and create a unique experience for travellers arriving in Turkey. Once you become a Fat Taxi driver, you can schedule rides in advance, get paid weekly and work based on your availability.

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Why be a Fat Taxi driver?

Schedule rides in advance

Our well-organised but flexible ride scheduling process allows you to organise your schedule well in advance and maximise your earnings on a weekly or monthly basis

Interact with travellers from all around the world

Meet, greet, interact and laugh with customers from all around the world, while offering them best-in-class customer service

Flexible working hours

What we care about most is the quality of your service. You create your own schedule based on your availability.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a professional driver?

Yes, we accept only drivers with a D2 driver’s license (professional diving license classification in Turkey). If you don’t hold such a license, you can still get in touch with us and we can give you information on how you can obtain one.

Is this a full-time job?

This is not a full-time job. Fat Taxi connects travellers with local professional drivers who are passionate about customer service excellence and want to offer unique experiences. You can still work with other networks, organisations or hold your personal clientele. We are here to help you increase your customer pool whilst working for a global firm, not hire you to work exclusively for us.

How do you select the drivers?

In order to become a Fat Taxi driver you need to be a professional driving license holder, your documents (D2, Tursab, psikoteknik, SRC etc) should be up to date and available to be checked and confirmed by Fat Taxi, speak excellent English, enjoy interacting with people from around the world, and understand your role as someone who’s welcoming travellers arriving to the city. You have to make Fat Taxi’s values your own (honesty, transparency, reliability) and take pride in your ability to deliver excellent customer service as a driver.

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