Antalya airport transfer and taxi

antalya airport transfer

Antalya airport transfer and taxi

The holiday starts when you step out of the airport

Antalya is one of the most desired holiday destinations in the world. Thankfully, Antalya airport operates a number of flights daily, welcoming several international and domestic travellers.

Arriving at an airport can be a daunting experience for many. Long queues in the passport control area, waiting for your luggage as well as worrying about transportation can have a significant impact on one’s impression of a destination once they arrive.

Luckily, hardly ever do travellers experience long queues and waiting times at Antalya airport, however, finding transportation from the airport to the city centre can prove quite challenging. Shuttle buses aren’t that regular and regular taxis often take a longer route, bringing in unpleasant surprises with extra charges. That is why a fixed-fee airport transportation service might be a better idea.

The journey is the destination

When you’re on your way to a holiday, it’s essential to start off in the right way. Thanks to our fluently English-speaking local team, we are here to make sure that all your transfers are handled in the most appropriate manner. If you have any questions regarding the many small towns and villages in the vicinity of Antalya Airport, our local team is here to tell you about the places you can visit in order to make your holiday an enjoyable experience.

While distances between Antalya and popular destinations around the airport is rather lengthy, reasonable and fixed prices provide you with a favourable option for Antalya Airport transfers. Our charge per vehicle policy allows you to save money on trips you take with friends or family while options of half-day, full-day, executive hire as well as tours of the province.

What about regular airport taxis?

While regular taxis are the most common solution for transfers in the city, Airport transfer in Antalya can be an exception. Since there are many little towns, villages and hotel premises with a considerable distance in between them, choosing a taxi for Antalya Airport transfers is not the most budget-friendly option.

Taxis may also charge extra for distant popular locations since they will most likely travel back to the airport without a customer. Also, there is always the occasional con-artist that may take a longer route in order to run the taximeter.

With Fat Taxi, you don’t need to worry about how much the ride will cost or whether the driver is taking an alternative route, our fixed prices ensure that you get to your destination for the price you agreed upon. This allows you to sit back and start enjoying your holiday as soon as you’re off the airport.

A Holiday Transfer Tailored Just For You

We have various vehicle options in order to accommodate different requirements. You can easily choose the best option for you and your companions when booking your transfer. For holiday you’re taking with friends or family, Standard Minivan or Premium Minivan can be a reasonable option.

If you’re with a larger group, the more the merrier! Standard Van, Premium Van and 27 Seat Minibus options are perfectly capable of handling your travel and provide an easy transfer for you and your companions.

If you’re in Antalya for business or on a solo holiday to find inner peace or enjoy the vast variety of activities the province offers, Mercedes E Class and Mercedes S Class can be a nice little upgrade to your overall travel experience.

Why settle with one place when there’s so much to see

If you’re planning to enjoy Antalya’s many different shores by travelling from one area to another throughout the day, half-day and full-day hires are available to take you from one natural wonder to another. You can swim in the famous beach clubs of Side in the morning and enjoy the 5-star restaurants in Alanya in the evening.

You can also take one of the group tours to experience Antalya to its fullest. Experienced tour guides can take you on a journey through the history and natural beauty of the province.

How to get from Antalya Airport to Kas

Kas is a small and cosy town, semi-secluded on the southmost part of Antalya’s coastal line. Most of the tourists are regular visitors who are familiar with the locals in the area and the townspeople have a very happy and friendly vibe. Besides many beach clubs and excellent raki and fish restaurants, various pubs and boutique cafes are present in Kas streets. You can also participate in summer sports such as scuba diving and kayaking.

The distance between Antalya Airport and Kas is around 210 km and a direct journey would take 3.5 hours with regular traffic. As a primary airport in one of the most popular touristic locations in Turkey, Antalya Airport is almost never short of yellow taxis. Most taxis have a capacity of up to 4 people or less, depending on luggage, but you can always book your Antalya airport taxi with us. Our standard taxi is Mercedes Vito or similar vehicles.

How much is taxi fare from Antalya Airport to the Kas?

A taxi would cost around 180€ (1.300 TL) from Antalya Airport to Kas. Since all taxis are equipped with taximeters, if you face heavy traffic or take an alternate route, the cost may increase substantially.

How to get from Antalya Airport to Lara?

Famous as having one of the longest beaches in Turkey, Lara is a coastal holiday town with a plethora of hotels, restaurants,
pubs and cafes. The district also offers many summer activities such as windsurfing, wakeboarding and diving.

The distance between Antalya Airport and Lara is around 15 km and transfer from airport to a hotel would take 20 minutes with regular traffic. Airport taxi would cost around 14€ from Antalya Airport to Lara, however, all airport taxis are equipped with taximeters, if you
face heavy traffic or take an alternate route, the cost may increase substantially.

How to get from Antalya Airport to Side?

Located about 100 km east of Antalya, Side is one of the most well-known holiday spots in Turkey. The district of Side resides on the coastal line with a long and beautiful beach. You can find many restaurants, bars and cafes as well as ancient sites for sightseeing such as the Temple of Apollo.

The distance between Antalya Airport and Side is around 65 km and a direct journey would take from the airport to your hotel would be around 1 hour with regular traffic. Airport taxi would cost around 55€ from Antalya Airport to Side with the regular traffic, however, this is not a fixed cost since all airport taxis are using taximeters.

How to get from Antalya Airport to Belek?

Belek is a well-known and popular holiday town with many beach clubs as well as public beaches. You can find a very rich range of hotels, restaurants, pubs and cafes in the region. There are also 3 large golf clubs where you can enjoy a game with your family or friends.

The distance between Antalya Airport and Belek is around 35 km and a direct journey would take 30 minutes with regular traffic. Airport taxi would cost around 35€ from Antalya Airport to Belek. All Airport taxis are equipped with taximeters, if you face heavy traffic or take an alternate route, the cost may increase substantially.

Pros and cons of choosing Antalya airport taxi

  • Practical and reasonably safe
  • Travels to your exact destination
  • No waiting required
  • Detours and traffic can considerably affect the cost of your ride
  • The capacity of 4 passengers per taxi (maybe less depending on luggage)
  • Possibility of running into a con-artist that’ll take a longer route to charge extra

Frequently asked questions on Antalya Airport

What is the Antalya Airport to Kemer transfer time?

The distance between Antalya Airport and Kemer is 57 km and it takes approximately 1 hour to reach the destination.

What is the transfer time from Antalya Airport to Kalkan?

Distance from Antalya Airport is around 210 km and the travel takes about 3 hours.

How do I find my driver?

When you arrive to Antalya Airport, you can use the direction signs to locate the arrivals hall or any other area that is specified in your confirmed booking info.
One of our colleagues will be there to greet you with a sign that has your name and/or our logo.

What happens in case of flight delays?

If the flight is delayed before your transfer takes place, we will reschedule the transport without any extra charge. If we can’t reschedule and you don’t end up traveling with us, you’ll get a full refund.
If your flight to Antalya Airport is diverted to another airport, you just need to contact us as quickly as you can via call or text along with your new flight details.