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The city of Antalya is a magnificent beauty with all its natural terrains. Sitting on the foot of the Taurus Mountains, the city is well known for its Mediterranean coast’s beauty. It has become one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations all year long. Located very close to Antalya is another resort beauty town that is known for its luxurious beaches. It is the summers of Side that gather the maximum crowd that has come over to enjoy the beautiful sea resorts. This is the hub of cultures that are derived from a diverse history. This rich culture is also one of the reasons for the massive tourist inflow. Turning up in Side through airways is made possible through the Antalya Airport. The airport serves as the centre of transfers from Antalya airport to Side for exploring the workings of art and adventure.

About the Antalya Airport

The Antalya airport is the gateway to Antalya’s splendid sites. It is a host to multiple domestic and international flights all year long. Antalya airport to Side distance is not only just 68.3 KMs away but also accommodates 18 million passengers each year making it the 3rd busiest airport in all of Turkey. The airport itself is a beauty for tourists and has 2 international terminals with 1 domestic terminal. The airport has also been selected as the best airport in Europe in the year 2011. The ease of moving to and from the airport has been a key contributor to this. 

Transfer options from Antalya Airport

Tourists visit the city to bathe in the sun on the beautiful Mediterranean coast and spend quality time with themselves and their loved ones. The sea resorts in the city are exquisite and it is mandatory to indulge in the treats they offer. As soon as one lands at an airport, the first thought is of finding a way to get to your accommodation or the very first visiting site in the city. This is an important choice to make as it will guarantee the quality of your trip. At the Antalya airport, you are greeted by a variety of Antalya Airport to Side transport options. You can choose from a range of transports that are affordable or private. There are rows of buses, public and private taxis and trams connecting you to the city. It takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes on this journey.

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Antalya Airport to Side by Taxi

You can easily pick from the range of transfers from Antalya airport to Side. But a problem that frequently arises while choosing transport is the uncertainty in your travel plan. If you’re looking for a ride that is private and comfortable, you should pick to ride from Antalya airport to Side by taxi. The airport has rows of yellow and private taxis lined upright on its doorstep. What makes travelling in a taxi the best option is that not only is it a more comfortable option, but it allows you to plan your routes with any halts that you would prefer. 

Unlike other transports, taxis offer safety and security to you as a dedicated passenger. The base price is fixed at 0.49 Euros, with 0.33 Euros kilometres price, taking around 1 hour 15 minutes to complete the journey. The final fare for a one-way trip can go up to 33 -45 Euros. One of the issues with choosing yellow taxis is the fluctuating price as these taxis run on a meter. This causes drastic changes in the presumed fare in case the route is changed, the stoppages or the traffic increases. 

But here, at Fat Taxi, we draw out the perfect travel plan for you. We promise to provide you with world-class service that is not only pleasant but also cut out for your needs. You can avoid any hassle by simply pre-booking a trip with us as soon as it is planned. All you have to do is visit our site and fill out your requirements with any special requests for your ride with us. You will receive a bill right then that clearly states all charges and is predetermined. This rids you of any stress regarding any trouble in your travel budget. Your ride from Antalya airport to Side by taxi will be your first and the most relaxing in this beautiful city.

Comparison of the options

Price for  
Taxi4840 Min24/7 
Fat Taxi3940 Min24/7  Book now
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Bus6120 Min06.00-22.00 


Antalya Airport to Side by Bus

Travelling from Antalya by buses has been a popular option among tourists for a very long time. The buses take you on a ride-along with them stopping at multiple spots on the route, picking and dropping customers on its way to the final destination. You can either choose to travel in the airport shuttles or the public buses available right outside the airport. The airport shuttle will cost you up to 2 Euros while any public shuttle goes as low as 8 Euros or go up to 40 Euros based on the choice of your bus. This difference is based on the quality of service and maintenance. 

Antalya Airport to Side by bus is affordable when compared to any other transfer option but lacks privacy and security. You are responsible for your belongings and need to take care of them. The bus transfers can take up to 1-1 and a half-hour of your travel time.

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Antalya Airport to Side by metro

The Antalya airport to Side by metro is yet to be proposed. There is currently no metro line in place or being planned that can connect the two cities. However, one can choose to travel this long distance from the train. You will have to switch trains and taxis to get to your destination. This will still not ensure doorstep drop off.

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Frequently asked questions on Antalya Airport transfer to Side

How far is Antalya Airport from Side?

The distance of Antalya Airport from the city centre can be calculated as 68.3 KMs on the road which will take 1 hour and 15 minutes to commute based on your choice.

How many transportation options are available from Antalya airport to Side?

One can pick from the rows of transfer options right outside the airport. This can either be an airport shuttle, a public bus, metro or a yellow or private taxi service.

How much is a taxi likely to cost from Antalya airport to Side?

Taxi fare can be calculated to be 33-45 Euros. Even though the fare is a bit high, it is a comfortable experience which is free of any travel discomfort.

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