How to get from Antalya Airport to Bogazkent

How to get from Antalya Airport to Bogazkent

Bogazkent is a destination in Antalya, Turkey. The area is 45 km from the International Antalya Airport (AYT), and about the same distance to the city center. Bogazkent is part of the Serik district, and has a population of about 3,000 in recent census.


Located in the Serik district, Bogazkent is highly proximate to the Mediterranean coast; and a bridge link to Belek makes it a top-choice destination for international tourists. The area is gaining more prominence as there has been a recent rise in the influx of international visitors. Some have called it “the new tourism center of Antalya.”

Serik itself is a district significant to Antalya’s tourism; a land area with a population of more than 50,000. The overall economic planning of Antalya undermines Serik’s economic potential, but there has been a consistent and speedy development with buffers from its hospitality and tourism industries.

Serik attracts millions of visitors every year. The neighborhood is less than 20 km away from all the hustle and bustle of the coastal areas, and also close to the resort town of Belek. In the inner parts of the region, you will find some of the most prestigious hotels in Antalya, and a popular restaurant that serves köfte and piyaz.


Life in Bogazkent, Serik, Antalya

Surprisingly, the settlers of Serik lead an old-fashioned lifestyle, with their conservative and traditional orientation. Although affluent and educated, they still hold dear to their nomadic history, identifying themselves as the descendants of the ancient nomadic settlers of the region, known as the Turkmen.

These communities ignore external cultural influence and resist new immigration, poised to preserve their heritage as a pure breed. The economic opportunities provided by industries of agriculture and tourism had seen a large number of working class people migrating to the region. However, most of the establishments in Serik are still owned and administered by the Turkmen.

The proximity of Bogazkent and Belek makes the destination more interesting. A home to 13 five-star hotels, exquisite restaurants, picturesque parks, and world-class entertainment and relaxation centers, Bogazkent has all the amenities you’ll need to enjoy your much deserved holiday.

Bogazkent is a destination mainly for outdoor activities. It is home to the Ataturk Park, Tower Park, a large bazaar, and a nice beach. You will enjoy touring these places during summer, especially the Tourist Bazaar which has a nearby park. In the market, you will find virtually all kinds of souvenirs, and also get to relax and enjoy nice views in the park.

However, there are many things to do, and places of interest in Bogazkent. You can shop in malls like Migros Mjet and Dia, and engage in activities such as nature walks, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, and various water sports.

When can I Visit Bogazkent, Serik, Antalya?

The Serik municipality generally experiences fair weather throughout the year. It has a weather that’s typical of the Mediterranean — dry, hot summers and humid winters. For all seasons, weather conditions are not extreme, so visitors get to enjoy their holidays, depending on the kind of activities they plan to participate in.

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