Ankara Esenboga Airport Transfer and Taxi

Ankara Esenboga Airport Transfer and Taxi

Making the best of a journey

It’s always great to travel to a new place and discover new things. It is also important to be prepared, and one of the most vital preparations for a smooth experience is to have a reliable airport transfer once you arrive to a new city. After all, it’s never fun to be lost or struggle to navigate your way, losing precious time. This is why we aspire to provide the most reliable, safe and capable airport transfer service possible.

Meet your new local friend: Fat Taxi

With a fluently English-speaking local team, we offer support not just during your ride, but also in case you need any assistance before or after your journey with us. Our professional drivers know exactly when and where you want to go; all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Fat Taxi is one of the ideal options when it comes to airport transfer with competitive and reasonable pricing policy. Fixed-pricing per vehicle allows you to have a budget-friendly journey with your friends, family or co-workers. Additional options of full-day, half-day, executive hires and city tours are an excellent choice if you are planning a number of stops throughout the day, or if you want to see the historical places in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

What about the yellow taxis?

Yellow taxis are always a good option. But when it comes to covering long distances both within and out of the city, they may not be the best alternative you have.

All taxis in Turkey run with a taximeter, which means if you face heavy traffic or take an alternate and longer route, cost of the ride can increase considerably. Coupled with the fact that finding a yellow taxi is not easy throughout the day, makes yellow taxis a less than ideal option.

Booking with Fat Taxi provides a solid budget plan with fixed-pricing policy while also keeping you safe from the occasional con-artist driver who may take a longer route and charge you extra.

You can take a look at the Fat Taxi travel costs from Ankara Esenboga Airport to Ankara city centre in table below:

Fat Taxi transfer is all about what’s best for you

We offer a wide range of vehicles depending on your requirements.

Standard Minivan and Premium Minivan can be an ideal choice if you are travelling with a small group such as with friends, family or colleagues.

Standard Van and Premium Van are great for larger groups, such as school trips, family reunions or company retreats.

E-Class and S-Class are perfect for travelling solo while experiencing luxury and comfort to its fullest.

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A bit of information on your destination

Operational since 1955, Ankara Esenboga Airport is the first Turkish airport to house both domestic and international flights. Esenboga is also the 4th largest airport in the country and it is located 28kms north of Ankara city centre.

As the capital city of Turkey since 1923, Ankara can be considered as an industrial and commercial city. It hosts some of the best universities in Turkey. The city also has a long history, starting from the Hittites, and it is home to many historical sites and buildings that were preserved for centuries.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Esenboga Airport transfer cost from the city centre with a yellow taxi?

A yellow taxi will cost around 17€ (110 TL).

Are there any direct shuttles from Esenboga Airport to hotels in the city centre?

Unfortunately, there are no shuttles to specific hotels. A good way to arrive directly to your hotel can be to book a transfer through a transport company.

What is the distance between Esenboga Airport and Kizilay?

The distance is around 28 kms.