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How easy it is

You book

Booking with us is easy. Our online booking system is a quick and simple engine that offers you a number of options in terms of vehicles and services. Fill in the key information of your journey, select a plan that’s right for you and pay securely online. You may also pay with cash after the completion of your journey.

You arrive

Before your flight lands, you will have received a text or email re-confirming your pick up details, your journey and driver information as well as directions to the meeting point with your greeter. The information you will receive is clear and concise to ensure any potential misunderstanding.

Your Fat Taxi driver is waiting

Our greeter will be waiting for you at the arrivals’ gate, holding a sign with either your name on or our logo and company name. They will then take you to our driver who will usually be waiting at the short-stay parking space. There is no limit in waiting time; our drivers will be checking your flight status and will be waiting for you even if there are delays on the way.

Why us

Easy online booking

You can use our ‘’Booking Engine’’ to make your reservation within minutes. You can also contact us via e-mail or WhatsApp 24/7.

Professional drivers

We work with a number of accredited and experienced drivers with excellent knowledge of the city.

Online payment

You can pay via a secure payment system. Your credit or debit card information will not be stored.

We are rated excellent on

Operating cities

Become a part of the Fat Taxi family!

Join our team of professional Fat Taxi drivers and work with a company you are proud to be a part of. Fat Taxi drivers provide travellers with a reliable, professional and unforgettable experience with each drive while showing them true Turkish hospitality and kindness.